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Another AI Tyranny Look

SUMMARY: I recently posted “AI Learning & Global Interconnectedness: The Danger of AI Self Awareness and the Perception of Human Uselessness”. I’m pleased to see that others have concerns about an AI tyranny. Leo Hohmann has posted on Klaus Schwab promoting an AI dictatorship/World Government. I’m sharing Hohmann’s post…. TAKE A LOOK:
#AITyranny #ForcedNWODictatorship #AItoRule

JohnHouk 8 July 2
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a lot of that propaganda is directly said/stated by Yuval Harari and he is married to his husband Itzak Yahav..........and says stuff like that WE ARE ALL "mental parasites THAT emerge accidentally, and therefore take advantage of all people by infected by them"


And people are worried about global warming. I do believe that co2 is causing some warming and there will be some pain associated with it but it is not near the top of my worries.

You would think that after Covid people would be worried about genetic engineering but no they are worried about Trump.

We are due for a "year without a summer" and the food supply is only good for about 6 months. Every heard anyone mention that?

The infrastructure is falling apart. Is anyone worried?

Plastics and other pollutants are everywhere. What are we going to do about it?

The Medical industry is an absolute mess, who is going to fix it?

Your not going to stop AI anymore than bans on nuclear weapons worked. Who is going to fix that?

Klaus Schwab is just another rich nut case with nothing better to do than make other people's lives miserable. How these crazy people get any kind of power is hard to understand.

wolfhnd Level 8 July 2, 2024

It's not sufficient that I succeed. All others muat fail ~ genghis khan


Pretty bleak...That's why I trust Jesus in these End of Days.


That James Bond villain must go!

sqeptiq Level 10 July 2, 2024

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