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The SHAMEFUL Practice of Antisemitism

SUMMARY: I continue to be astounded by rising Antisemitism across the world and sadly in my USA. … I am saddened by fellow Conservatives and/or Patriots who have adopted the Antisemitic line by including venom toward all Jews because of a history of Jews with a Judaic ancestry turning to Leftist Covenant-Breaking ideology. … Amir Tsarfati provides a Christian perspective on Antisemitism…AND MORE!

JohnHouk 8 July 8
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Aside the Barabbas/Jesus thing, Christian hatred towards Jews was due to Pope's not wanting to pay off their war loans to the Jews -- like what was done to the Templars. The pograms in eastern Europe were for the same reason: "I ain't gonna pay that back -- 'kill the jews, they collected your taxes!' ". The Catholic church stuck the Jews with only one career, loans. That ain't popular in any culture.

Sadly, your correct history is only a drop in the bucket to the revolting persecution Jews have faced for thousands of years...even before the birth of Christ.

@JohnHouk It is terrible to be a persecuted people. But, human tribes have always persecuted the "others". Nothing strange there in any animal species.
Having survived such for millennia is a plus, tho. Think of all the other tribes that didn't make it -- their persecutors succeeded in killing them off entirely and leaving no one to tell the next generation.
Please don't take this as an insult, but another species hard to kill comes to mind. They will survive a nuclear holocaust, some say. 🙂

@bobbo666 Jewish survival is due to Abrahamic Covenant. This is the case even with persecution.

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