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Where's the lie?

Trump Colluded with Russia.
There was anything sordid about dealing with Daniels.
Trump Extorted Ukraine.

Simple really.

If you're not a leftist pinhead Bernie_Tard.

Where’s the lies ?

Bernie’s web page.

@DonProvolone You're OK with the campaign finance violation of not reporting the hush money to Daniels for keeping quiet his affair with her shortly after the birth of Barron?



Who cares-1
There was a judgement against Trump for campaign finance violations?- 2
LOL - 3

Your reply translates to "We got nuthin'".

@DonProvolone His personal lawyer went to jail for it. He's President so he's apparently immune from prosecution unless impeached over it.


Then why wasn't it added to the inquiry?

Buckle up for another term with Trump as your POTUS, continuing to focus on America, and making our interests primary in his goals.

@DonProvolone Because of Pelosi's 12D chess? Because there could be blowback for Democrats who have done similar things? There are a lot of things that they could have included but decided not to in favor of a narrowly-crafted impeachment.

Pelosi couldn't play checkers.

The rest, again.... translates to "We got Nuthin'".

@DonProvolone I mean he could murder someone on national television and by your standard it would amount to "we got nuthin'" unless there was an impeachment conviction in the Senate.


There would be evidence. Something to date, lacking in Dumbocrap allegations.

Your hyPATHETICal Fails.


@WilyRickWiles And?

@DonProvolone Court evidence.


Of what?

Paying his attorney?

I'm a criminal who beat a RICO Case remember. I KNOW rules of evidence.

Moar FAIL.

@DonProvolone Then you should also know enough to make your own judgment from the facts.


We've only seen 4th. Person hearsay at best, investigatory abuse and misrepresentations or omissions of fact from DumboCraps.


Kudos, you're on a roll.


The games are obvious unless you're an idiot like Mitt Romney...

Dmwils Level 7 Jan 27, 2020

He is not an idiot; he is a dinosaur.

@Xtra there are young idiots also...AOC, Omar etc. Age does not make you stupid..ignorance is a choice at any age.



#StupidIsaChoice !

@Dmwils they are indeed idiots.

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