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Posted by a guy named Michael on Facebook. Can you think of any reasons?

Xtra 8 June 27
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I saw that meme on 8cun. Q Anon reposted it. I'd love to congratulate the memesmith who made it. If you find out whose work it is, send that person my thanks.


Easy. Systemic racism exists not in the “system” but only in the mind of the accuser. Like unconscious bias or dog whistling, it is impossible to prove or even demonstrate. It is language invented by woke progressives to legitimatize baseless accusations.

GeeMac Level 8 June 27, 2020

They were entirely too busy playing the global money laundering game to bother with those problems.

I dunno ... it seemed to me at the time that they were stirring that pot pretty seriously ...

“If I had a boy, he would have looked just like Trayvon ...”
The White Cop in Massachusetts was ... invited to a “BEER” Summit when Obama realized he’d screwed up.
“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Was a real, serious issue ... well, until it turned out to be BS (No Apology)
Baltimore’s Mayor giving folks a bit of space tp “Act Out” over a racist incident seemed like a good idea ... until it wasn’t ... until it was realized that the Story that started it was CRAP (No Apology)

Who says Democrats can’t suck up Cash and Foment Riots at the same time?


Ohhhh ... Come On!!!
You CAN’T be “Racists” If You Ain’t WHITE!!!
Joe thinks he’s an Honorary Black Dude ...

See ... they were doing the USA a FAVOR ...
NOW ... Everybody KNOWS that Only White People are Racist ...


Not just these guys, but the entire senior Democratic leadership!!!!
We can include the senior Republican leadership!!!
Combined they have been in government for a total of hundreds of years, and all any of them can do is complain about how things HAVE NOT been fixed!!!!!!
That was THEIR JOB!!!!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 June 27, 2020

Because they created it. I was there in the 50s and saw racism disappear from America by the 60s - as much as it does anywhere, only to be revived by Obama & Co..


Okay, ask me all the tough questions. Maybe this is an invented problem created by unbalanced minds. Perhaps a good dose of color blindness would fix the problem.

The tactic is to destabilize our functional society to the level that we all beg for an alternative: socialism.

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