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Here’s the real elephant in the room. Not the baby elephant, which is why the FBI had evidence of Biden corruption during the time when President Trump was being impeached for asking about that very corruption. Sure, that’s a good question and needs to be addressed. But it pales in significance beside the large elephant.

Sam Faddis was a guest on Steve Bannon’s The War Room. The host asked how U.S. intelligence agencies could not notice the Biden family connections to Chinese intel. Faddis responded that intelligence agencies had to have seen the correspondence between Biden family members and known or suspected Chinese intelligence officers. He also pointed out that just Hunter’s laptop had tens of thousands of emails, chats, and texts exchanged. How were these not noticed by the National Security Agency (NSA)? How did none of these connections to senior Chinese intelligence and other government officials not get reported to the CIA or FBI?

How compromised is our government? And do we discern the true motive for the manic campaign to destroy the Trump administration? “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA” has already been unmasked as a total hoax. But now we begin to see that it was China all along. Russia was the distraction. The only question left to be answered: how deep does the rot extend? How many of out leaders are hapless Chinese puppets?


Edgework 8 Oct 28
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I've suspected that FBI Director Wray is in the deep state cabal for quite a while. But now, after many months of what appears to be inaction, I'm thinking that AG Barr and his special prosecutor(..sorry, can't think of his name..) are swimming in the DS septic tank as well. Why isn't Hillary in jail?... Why are The Big Guy and Jr not facing an indictment or at least an investigation ? I think they're just marking time hoping that Joe and Ho win and this can all go conveniently away. Then we'll be little better than a 3rd world banana republic.


Joe Biden is not the only member of the government being bought off by China, Iran, Russia etc. He is one of very many.

jakuboj Level 7 Oct 28, 2020

Every President since Reagan have been globalist deep staters. The FBI had knowledge of Biden's crimes since 2003 and did nothing.

The NSA is supposed to see and hear everything. Think perhaps some of those Hunter emails might have passed over the desks of some of their analysts? And then there’s the CIA...

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