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I have a very good memory and have been watching the systematic degradation of traditional values by the media via movies , television programming and the " news " for quite some time . I used to think people like George Carlin and Bill Hicks were funny but then I was just as condescending as them in my attitudes toward the " deplorables " back in the day . NO MORE !! Many of the folks I grew up with and around have been thoroughly brainwashed , especially the ones who went to college . I got quite a lot of hate mail and got called a lot of names by these folks after they found out I voted for President Trump . They refused to even talk about WHY they considered me such an awful person . I instead got a boatload of glib condescension as if they were reading it off of a CNN teleprompter . They did everything possible to make me no longer see them as credible , rational beings . This was quite a painful process as some of them were old friends . My question is ; at what point do you ( or did you ) give up on these type of folks ?

Zilladog 5 Nov 26
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Watch the movie called network very enlightening


I think the last movie I watched as a new release, was a 007 Bond film. That was some years ago. I tried watching the remake of "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise, but gagged and never finished it.

My television habits have changed significantly. I enjoy "George Clarke's Amazing Spaces" which airs in the UK, and stuff like "Building off the Grid", or other DIY innovative shows. I just have more appreciation for individual creativity over "hive mind" drivel.

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