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Answer the Call for Liberty - It's Not Dark Yet

This submission by Justin Smith will make big tech censors explode. Why? Smith calls on Americans – If Courts fails to adjudicate criminal Election Fraud – to RESIST a Biden/Harris Dem-Marxist Election by any means necessary. I ask, “Are you Patriot or a Sheeple?” I guess you will act accordingly: /3q6IOKx
#AmericanPatriot #AmericanSheeple #PreserveFoundersRepublic

JohnHouk 6 Nov 27
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So when the election is certified, and the will of the people is final that Biden is the next president, your recommendation is an armed coup? You honestly think Trump gives a shit about you? The only reason he is fighting so hard to resist the will of the people is because he is the biggest narcissist and cannot admit defeat. He only cares about enwealthening himself at the expense of the American people, and he doesn't care who he hurts in the process. Your image of him looking like some battle-scarred freedom fighter is laughable - the man who dodged the draft with phony bone-spurs, considered unprotected sex his own "personal Vietnam", and thinks the armed forces are full of "losers and suckers". The only correct interpretation of that photo is that he spilled ketchup on himself after trying to put it on his well-done steak.

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