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So it begins

RemiDallaire 8 Jan 14
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This world is bastion of hatred for all creeds, colors, beliefs, etc. Why some lefties pretend that white people (and what IS a 'white person' anyway? Our descendants come from different corners of Europe) invented violence and hatred shows that they simply follow a narrative. All peoples have engaged in violence and hatred of peoples different from them. Look no further than (if you're looking for the mysterious 'white person' ) how viscerally the Irish and English hate each other.


Let the Chinese and Euros deal with it. Hardly any of our oil comes from the middle east anymore.

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Posted by ObiwannosiAnother new record???

Posted by andaleyutroThe illustration assumes that whites and blacks started equally from the bottom and then whites betrayed the blacks and tossed them off.

Posted by CookieMonsterAMC are next so lump on.

Posted by KrunoslavParler is back online thanks to the Russian tech company DDos-Guard Published: January 24, 2021: Parler, a social network and app popular with Trump supporters, has partially returned online with ...

Posted by gregoryelliottChuck, I gave you an insurrection? trump chuckschumer democrats insurrection capitolhill


Posted by bastionNot all Trump did was bad - so don't ditch the good stuff Joe! LOL even the Douglas Murray in the Sun when trying to say he did well has the covid deaths, the failed wall, the sexual assault ...

Posted by GarscoJoe Biden’s America ...

Posted by GeeMacOne of the most effective tactics for cultivating leftist thinking is a steady narrative of victimhood and injustice.

Posted by ktpintoJust a random thought after someone got huffy when I corrected the premise of a meme she posted... the things people get upset about, I swear...

Posted by Daveclark5Thank’s Obiden — your office of the president elect joke segues nicely into the office of the former president []

Posted by MosheBenIssac The free wiki about all things woke []

Posted by ObiwannosiAnd the pot calls the kettle black...

Posted by WeltansichtMe thinks he-she-it be a ultracrepidarian appointed by Affirmative Action Committee

Posted by WeltansichtKAKISTOCRACY government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state.

Posted by DrHiebert AMERICA'S FRONTLINE DOCTORS WARN ABOUT VACCINE SAFETY (from White Paper) "Vaccine safety requires proper animal trials and peer-reviewed data, neither of which has occurred during operation ...

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