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Remember in 20 when tens of thousands of Democrats surged on the Wisconsin Capitol building in Madison and physically occupied it for more than two weeks? We were told, "This is what democracy looks like."
Remember in 20 when Obama was President and hundreds of BLM blocked interstate highways and violently accosted police (even killing several)? We were told, "To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible."
Remember in 2018 during the Kavanaugh hearings when a mob of Democrats stormed the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, and pounded their fists in rage on the door. We were told, "It's understandable."
Remember this summer's riots in major cities across the country when groups of Democrats marched in the streets, set buildings on fire, looted businesses, assaulted and even killed bystanders and police? We were told, "These are mostly peaceful protests."
Remember when Democrats seized several blocks of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in downtown Seattle, declaring it an autonomous zone? Remember the guns ad deaths and utter destruction? We were told, "It's a block party atmosphere."
Remember when a crazed mob gathered after the Republican National Convention and attacked Rand Paul, a sitting U.S. Senator? We were told, "No justice, no peace."
Remember how police were told to stand down, governors refused to call in the national guard, and Democrats bail for violent protesters who were arrested? We were told, "This is the only way oppressed people can be heard."
I have condemned violent protests and lawlessness every single time they've been reported. I condemn the actions of those who stormed the Capitol yesterday. But I refuse to condemn hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors because a handful (52 arrested) chose to be lawless and to defy everything the vast majority of the crowd stood for. Conservatives are defenders of the Constitution, the police, and the rule of law. Because a relative few people decided to do something doesn't nullify the concerns of the many.
The real culprit here? The mainstream media has been telling us for years that violence is the only way people who feel oppressed can be heard, it's the only way to get justice, and this is what democracy looks like. Apparently, a few who were in the crowd on Wednesday listened to them.
The inflammatory rhetoric of the Left caused this, and it's about time Democrats and the mainstream media took responsibility for dividing Americans and attempting to humiliate those who support the President or any conservative ideals. They have pushed people to the brink, even while claiming, "It's time for unity." It's time for careful reflection and change on all sides. Was this pure evil? Or because Democrats were involved it was ok. Double standards! ~ Loran Keller @ Magabook post

Weltansicht 6 Jan 15
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Very well said. Unfortunately hypocrisy is no longer the grounds for public outrage.

"Do as I say but don't dare do as I do" seems to be the motto, and for quite some time (years). Demagoguery seems to be another weapon used on the unthinking.


Everything you say here is true except one thing: the people who stormed the Capitol building are responsible for their actions. We cannot allow ourselves to say, "well THEY did it without any repercussions, so why can't WE?" because that's a narrative we know in our hearts to be false. The rhetoric from the Left didn't cause this; people CHOSE to do more than peacefully protest. Had no one chosen to storm the Capitol building, the narrative from 1/6 forward would be very different.

No protest that becomes violent should be without repercussion, but only those who break the laws should be held criminally responsible. The accusations of thoughtcrimes that suggest that everyone who was there is responsible and everyone who's conservative is responsible are ludicrous. But you cannot stop it, because just as you have the right to have your voices heard, so do they. They simply outflanked you in academia and technology because you weren't paying attention or doing enough to mitigate their influence. But take heart, with Trump's exit, some of those information channels WILL go back to going out of business, just as they were before Trump.

And another thing: this is a perfect example of why I am not on the political Right, because Republican leadership is non-existent. Your leaders are sitting with their tails tucked hoping to politically survive this instead of protecting the ideals and principles that you voted them into office on behalf of. They are letting the narrative that you are bad people who align with the Klan or with Nazis stand unchallenged. Remember that.

The standard rebuttal is to cite crybulling: using a level 1 offense committed against you to justify committing a level 10 offense in return. It's escallation.

The left crybullied. They used the Capitol Tea Party as justification offenses far greater in magnitude.
Every time anyone attacks the Capitol Tea Party, cite their crybullying relatiations, such as the
destruction of free speech. Also quote the
fine material that Weltansicht posted about democrats inciting violence, and violent democrat mobs.

The left's attack on the Capitol Tea party is only valid if they possess
the moral high ground. Point out that they don't.

You speak well with the flair of narcissist cognitive dissonance defining what people are in your projections, which makes you a flying monkey and a ultracrepidarian. I agree with some of your statements but there's a fallacy of specious logic tinged with vitriol and vituperation in some of your reasoning.

All the incitement incidents of 'peaceful' protests from left socialist democrats and MSM, say from the Mad Maxine Waters and make a scene, gather a crowd, no peace no rest, god is on our side speech to the 2nd impeachment that got processed in how long? while 'they' (the demos) took how many months on stimulus relief?

You should remember that all those socialist democrat muslims that you hold dear, live by Quran and a philosophy of enemy of my enemy is my friend, and when they are in power and emboldened, they won't come after me vanquished into 2nd class citizenry, they will turn on you as infidels and abominations to Allah because you have no morals and no boundaries.

Awesome insight. Comments like these are great. What you said here definitely expanded my perception of this mess that we are in.

The depth of this situation far exceeds the superficial tit for tat going on politically. Power grabs require distraction and a sleight of hand of which the Democrats are masters. Momentum is playing a role in this too. The election left me feeling uncomfortable about its legitimacy. The rioting and shut downs caused me a visceral ire. Censorship made me feel isolated and without control. Later on though, I came to realize that these are distractions sucking energy and attention away from the underlying situation. I believe that in time those still caught up in these circular crises will spin out of the whirlpool and get back on track. My fear is a sentinel event. An act so agredious that it will shut everything down and absolute authority will be the only recourse. Of course it may have another effect and will cause all sides to take a step back and search for the real answer to how we got here.


I'm curious...were you ever going to tell me what it is I said that you found disagreeable, or are you content to simply attack my character because you mistakenly believe I'm on the political Left?(1)

By my count, you've called me a narcissist; cognitively dissonant; a "flying monkey" - whatever the Hell that's supposed to mean in this context; an ultracrepidarian - which for those playing along at home - means he thinks I'm talking about things I have no knowledge of; specious; vitriolic; and abusive. And yet, I haven't the faintest idea what it is you actually disagree with. What was the point of using all those big words to make yourself sound educated, yet somehow forgetting to communicate a counterpoint?

(1) For the record, I'm a libertarian who's currently independent because the Libertarian Party experienced a hard shift to the Left this past election cycle.

President Elect Biden and soon to be President Biden! With that said, I’m going to need some help from my Democratic Liberal friends:

  1. Can I borrow the #NotMyPresident hashtag or is that reserved for President Trump?
  2. Who do I contact to see if Republicans are boycotting the Inauguration, like the Democrats did for President Trump?
  3. Do I have to accept the election results, or can I cry for four years, claiming election interference?
  4. Am I entitled to see Biden’s tax returns to learn how his income jumped dramatically in one year (I mean, we all know how and why. Just show the proof.)?
  5. Am I allowed to trash anything that Biden says, without repercussion, because I’m just expressing myself?
  6. Is there a sign-up somewhere for riots, do organizers call me, or how does that work, since I didn’t get my way?
  7. Are businesses targeted because they supported Biden, or do I just pick a business that has something I want to take home?
  8. Were the thousands of businesses that boarded up for fear of riots, for Conservatives or Liberals? If they were for Conservatives, did I miss the riots already???
  9. Where are the safe spaces at? Is there a map or something? I may need to go cry for a little while (because of how our country has become).
  10. Does all the free stuff your party has promised, just come or do I have to quit my job first?
    . What is the you guys have been sending all that extra tax to, since you think people aren’t paying enough in taxes? I’m sure you have been voluntarily sending in more than required...
    . When my 401K crashes, will the President Elect make up for that in give-a-ways, or am I just screwed?
    . Since Socialism is what you just voted in, if my neighbor has something I want, do I just take it or do I have to let him know I’m taking it (Personally, I have had my eye on the brand NEW Mercedes SUV, a couple of doors down ... Biden sign in yard.).
    . When gets unaffordable, is there an EBT card for that?
    . I have seen the gatherings of Conservatives protesting the election results, but something is wrong, nothing is getting destroyed. Did you guys go to a class for that, or could you provide some pointers on how to do it right, please?
    . The Conservative gatherings were dubbed super spreader events, yet the protests and now election gatherings Liberals, are not. Did you guys secretly come out with the vaccine?
    . Funny how the CDC has come up with a vaccine, soon after you were pronounced the President Elect. Can you, all your family, and colleagues take it first, to ensure it works?
    . So, now you are the President Elect and soon to be President Biden, Is every death now on you, or is it President Trump's responsibility, just at your convenience?
  11. During Biden's State of the Union , is Nancy going to tear up the speech on national television, or does she only do that with President Trump?
    I’m sorry for all the questions, this is all new to me. I want to make sure I get it right! (taken from a friend)


"With that said, I’m going to need some help from my Democratic Liberal friends"

As I've gently explained once already, I am neither a Democrat or a liberal, so I'm afraid that I cannot help you with this.

@Alysandir Well I am glad you are independent, and thank you for your gentle kindness of not being able to help. Needing help was just simple sarcasm. My personal view of the political wings of the parties are of the same bird. Left wing right wing. Another analogy would be 2 sides of the same coin and the libertarian would be the edge circling the coin and the parties. I voted for Vermin Supreme. I have no party at all, just G-D.

If you think or feel I attacked your personal character, I apologize. I went after your statements, such as your 1st post diatribe, "because you weren't paying attention or doing enough to mitigate their influence" or "are letting the narrative that you are bad people who align with the Klan or with Nazis stand unchallenged. Remember that." or "you cannot stop it, because just as you have the right to have your voices heard"

To answer your curiosity. Your cognitive dissonance is showing. If I have this right to have my voice heard, then why was I censored from that 'free speech' expression? And I have been paying attention. And I have done more than enough to "mitigate their influence". Or "letting the narrative" "align" me with the Klan or the Nazis. I am Jewish. Being censored means losing my You Tube channel for expressing my opinion based on fact & reality, not demagoguery. Being censored means having your Facebook account deleted for making a comment on their post that was trying to outrage the reader and for questioning the veracity of the narrative, and only used a GIF as that comment, from their library selection no less. And I had my account from when they were known as 'thefacebook' & then only available to university circles, had dial-up and the WWW was just being put up under construction.

To me, your expressing where people stand and/or where they are in the scheme of things is a narcissistic tendency, and telling them what they are going to think or what they are thinking is also and quite totalitarian.

My guess about you is that you are one of those generational labels. Up to your eyeballs in credit card debt. Probably educated in Common Core Math. Inculcated indoctrinated in liberal ideology. I hope I am wrong, and I do make mistakes. Perhaps I am oversensitive because I have been battling trolls on other social media platforms lately, they came out in force this past weekend for some reason. I am very leary and wary when people feel the need to tell me what they are.

In my experience, always, when engaged with any liberal, they ALWAYS fall back to a handful of techniques. Such as shaming, attempting to shame into compliance. Like your comment of "What was the point of using all those big words to make yourself sound educated".

I am not here to make enemies, and I don't need to make friends. Just question everything and think for yourself. I supported Trump as president, but I don't like him, never have. Obama, well I just ignored him as much as possible, but he made it damn difficult. I live in Arkansas and I can tell you all sorts of things about Hellary that you have never heard of. If she would have been president, I have no doubt that we would have been nuked by several nations at once, strategic self preservation on their part, before she did it to them. If you voted for the lesser of 2 evils, you still voted for evil.

If you are still reading this, let me ask you a question, you only have to answer it to yourself. (< ~~ WHAT IS THE 1st LIE YOU REMEMBER THE GOVERNMENT TOLD YOU? ~~>😉 Most people say stuff like 'weapons of mass destruction in Iraq'; some say 'read my lips, no new taxes'; a few some other things, some surprising to hear. My point is this, I have never heard anyone say what mine is: " 'We have no troops in SE Asia' - Robert McNamara"

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