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Zion Biden, not Beijing Biden

andaleyutro 6 Jan 24
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The USA is an extension of modern Israel. Jewish Zionists have been taking control of the US government since the 1960s, after Kennedy was killed.


I can only hope that more Jews are enlisted, they have a 15% higher IQ, and are generally way more successful at the higher end of civilization.

And they use their IQ to destroy whites.

The IQ study that you are referring to has been debunked!

"Jews" as a general statement do NOT have a 15% higher IQ than other RELIGIONS! Ashkenazi Jews in particular are remnants of the "wandering diaspora", mainly from the Southern Caucasus region and tended to stick with specific professions and trades such as goldsmithing and jewelry, later on they went into banking and finance when usury laws changed.

Jewish success is based on communal and commercial supports WITHIN the Jewish communities, whether it is a low interest loan, assistance in obtaining a patent, gaining government contracts, getting into certain universities and obtaining certain jobs/occupations

Jewish success in America is based on internal networks of support they rely on to help each other.

THAT IS WHAT WE NEED! We need to be supporting each other like the Jews do. We do not need more Jews!



That's how you come off.

That's too over-simplified. Zionism has brought severe destruction to the American people. Nothing to do with "ALL JEWS". It's to do with a powerful group of Zionist Jews who have control of the US government. 9/11 was a Zionist job by Israel and the Zionist Neocons.

Is there a Zionist conspiracy? Yes, there most certainly is! There are so many books written by experts on this topic it would fill pages of browser searches.

Why do you think the middle east lays in tatters now? This was planned by Israeli Zionists in the US govt. Here is the shortened version:

@DrHiebert I was starting to see your side, until you brought up 9/11. No, 9/11 had nothing to do with Jews or "Zionists".

Did you know 7 of 9 members of the US Supreme Court are Catholic? That is over 70% Catholic representation in the SCOTUS, despite the US only being 20-30% Catholic. That is a lot of control of the US government, wouldn't you say? Should we have the same level of conspiracy theory towards Catholics destroying the US?

@JacksonNought After I looked up the script in the Talmud that orders them to celebrate and thank God upon seeing a collapsed gentile building, I can no longer fault Muslims for believing that conspiracy theory.

Let me take this opportunity to apologize to you for all the suffering (400 years worth in only four years) you have experienced in the last four years of the Trump Presidency. I didn't realize until I saw the Delaware Rabbi state to Biden during the Biden inauguration that Biden is the modern day Moses, akin to leading the Jewish people out of Egypt after "400 years of backbreaking slavery".

@CelticRing don't really care about that. Personally, I wish we'd stop making such a religious spectacle out of everything in government.


Has anyone told Ilhan Omar? It will be interesting to see if they have any conflict with Ilhan Omar or any of the other Democrat anti-Semites. I don't see this leading to a whole lot of internal conflict among Democrats. There are plenty of anti-Zionist Jews in USA... especially on the left!

Omar called out the duel citizenship conflict of interest pertaining to Israel/US dual citizenship, and the congress immediately started censuring proceedings against her until she backed away from her concerns. All while they rant on about Russia and China and Iran.

@CelticRing Are there concerns if people have dual citizenship with other countries as well, or just Israel?

Dual citizenship is an oxymoron regardless whether you give Israel a free pass or not. Dual citizenship is NOT ok as long it is from certain countries and not from others. Dual citizenship is dual loyalties.

Do you assume that Israeli concerns are identical to US concerns, and our two nations are really one? Israel, Iran or China...dual citizenship is dual loyalty and I don't want any of it

@DrHiebert can you confirm if these people actually have dual citizenship, or are they just Jews?

Janet Yellen does not have Israeli citizenship.
Antony Blinken does not have Israeli citizenship.
Merrick Garland does not have Israeli citizenship.
Wendy Sherman does not have Israeli citizenship.
Alejandro Mayorkas does not have Israeli citizenship.
Victoria Nuland does not have Israeli citizenship.
Avril Haines does not have Israeli citizenship.
Eric Lander does not have Israeli citizenship.
Ron Klain does not have Israeli citizenship.
David S Cohen does not have Israeli citizenship.
Jessica Rosenworcel does not have Israeli citizenship.
Dr. Rachel Levin does not have Israeli citizenship.
Gary Gensler does not have Israeli citizenship.
Isabel Guzman does not have Israeli citizenship.

Being Jewish does not mean you have dual citizenship with Israel. Many US Jews, like myself, haven't even been there. Just like being Catholic doesn't mean you automatically have dual citizenship with the Vatican, or have allegiances to a foreign power.

@DrHiebert I don't want to give anyone a free pass. If you want to apply that same standard equally to all foreign countries, I'm fine with it. If you want to single out individual countries, it should be by executive order, and it had better be done with solid evidence, or at least some damn good probable cause.

@JacksonNought If you follow the Talmud, your loyalty is to your religious/race group and NOT to your nation or countrymen. Same as with the Cosa Nostra, if you are part of a Mafia family, you must have primary loyalty to your Mafia group and its laws and traditions.

@CelticRing only select sects of Judaism follow the Talmud. Most forms of Judaism, especially in the US, do not follow the Talmud. In fact, many Jews in the US are secular, Jews by culture / heritage / ethnicity only, and therefore they don't follow the Talmud.

Catholicism puts your loyalty with the Pope above your nation or countrymen. The Christian Bible puts your loyalty to Biblical law and the Ten Commandments over your nation or countrymen or the Constitution.

The Constitution and the First Amendment guarantee freedom of religion. Furthermore, there is no religious test to hold office. Either this applies to everyone, or it applies to no one. You cannot pick and choose what religion (or lack thereof) you deem "acceptable" of holding office.

@JacksonNought "Catholicism puts your loyalty with the Pope above your nation or countrymen."
"The Constitution and the First Amendment guarantee freedom of religion."
The Talmud advocates breaking the Ten Commandments in dealings with those outside that religion. It is like a Mafia handbook. Take away the ladder of the Gentile stuck in a ditch, don't return lost property of a Gentile, lie when you can get away with it, etc. They are citizens of the countries where they reside on paper, but not in reality.

@CelticRing you are ignoring the same issues with other religions, or the fact that the majority of Jews don't follow the Talmud. You are judging Jews by different standards than you seem to for Christians or other religions.

I wonder what your opinion would be of me, a secular Atheist Jew?

@JacksonNought Reform Jews (more Torah than Talmud) are of similar beliefs to the 30AD-Jews, who were the foundation of Christianity (19 out of twenty of the 30AD Jerusalem sects were, like the Christians, also opposed to the Oral Laws of the Pharisees).

@JacksonNought The Jews i have known personally are no more like the Globalist Kabalistic/Talmudic kooks than are the average Catholics anything like the few demonic priests and Bishops that infiltrate the Catholic Church.
But it seems difficult for most Jews to speak against the self-proclaimed spokesmen for all Jews (ADL, JDL, etc). I, as a Catholic have no problem denouncing the commie Pope and certain corrupt Bishops, even if they have the nerve and audacity to proclaim themselves as spokesmen for me.

@JacksonNought "I wonder what your opinion would be of me, a secular Atheist Jew?"
Humanism is a FAITH in the magical ability of Human Reason to address problems and solve them. It is what led to the ten month year after the French Revolution and the ten hour day, and the Goddess of Reason statue being forced into Notre Dame Cathedral. And "logic" dictated that a majority in the assembly would be magically correct in their conclusions, due to the magic of Majority Which is why St.Just (who devised his Humanism theories) was tongue-tied for his last couple of days on this earth when the magical majority suddenly voted to guillotine him.

@CelticRing who said anything about humanism?


I was surprised and opined how QUICKLY the Jews threw out Trump and embraced Joe Biden. The Jews have Chinese connections.

Only leftists Jews, not the mainstream ones! J Street are anti Israel pro Palestinian scum!


Ah, the eternal jealousy of lesser intellects.

That is not an argument.

@CelticRing LOL, well spotted detective, neither is a picture of 12 Jews.

@AdrianRainbow I think it is an argument that the administration, althought touting diversity and inclusion, is filling a cabinet with a homogenous group of people. And it is fourteen people of the Jewish faith represented in the picture.

You are making the argument that people are jealous of a "higher intellect" race being preferentially assigned to important jobs. Hitler would be very proud of your views on race supremacy

@FOTD13 No, it's a picture of 12 Jews, ya fucking maroon.

@FOTD13, @CelticRing No I'm not.

@CelticRing Oh congrats on going straight to 'Godwin's law' tho'! LOL

Never favor the smarter enemy. They will use the smarts against your people.

Hiding behind your racist theory of Jewish supremacy is lame! I went to a high school in Calgary attended by the children of Calgary's most influential Jewish elites, and NOT ONE OF THEM received a higher GPA than I did.

During my thesis studies, two of your Jewish superior elites were caught plagiarizing the works of a past graduate student and tossed from the UofC computer sciences dept!

Your theory is racist supremacist...and DEBUNKED!

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