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farmerguy56 7 Jan 24
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Trump is still your President Australia

Abba Level 4 Jan 25, 2021

President trump is still president australia

Abba Level 4 Jan 25, 2021

The marxist media will call this another right wing conspiracy and the woke neo-liberals will believe them. The woke actually believe that conservatives need to be eliminated or at minimum placed in interment camps to be re-educated. They consider whatever actions necessary to rid the planet of us is justifiable and even more so if your a Christian as well. Interesting that they choose to become the very thing they say they hate - oppressors. Ethics is not an issue if you can rationalize evil as being good

dd54 Level 8 Jan 24, 2021

I find myself wondering how many Biden voters are alarmed at what has taken place he took office. Surely there are many who applaud the events of the past week, but something tells me there are millions who lean only slightly to the left who are thinking to themselves, what the...

They may be thinking it but won't be saying it given the rising level of censorship and the covid-19 police state tactics being enforced to muzzle and control the population.

Honest answer? I truly think very few people voted "for Biden."

  • I think you had people who voted Democrat, because that's what they always do, without thinking too hard about what they're actually voting for.

  • I think you had people who voted against Trump, because the average person has heard for four years that he was worse than Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Attila the Hun put together. He's sexist, racist, phobic, bad hair, Orange Man, blah blah blah.

  • And I think you had people who voted for "woke progressivism," which they assumed the Democrats would be a part of due to the Overton window shifting so hard to the Left. These would be your essential Bernie Bros and Antifa who are currently rioting again because Biden didn't immediately cave to their demands.

But voting FOR Biden? I don't know of anyone who came out and said Biden represents the leadership that American needs, at least not before the election. Sure, everyone's kissing his wrinkly butt now, but Biden was as exciting as a bag of unflavored oatmeal. He was the least offensive sacrificial lamb who would've lost relatively nothing had Trump prevailed. And he wasn't Bernie, who the Democrats wanted no part of.

I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but they had to pair him with Kamala Harris - a candidate who didn't receive a single delegate vote in the primaries - just to cater to woke Left. You have a POTUS and a VP that no one really wanted, but were the safest compromise ticket to win the White House.

@dd54 A disturbing thought for sure.

@Alysandir You make some good points that I largely agree with, yet the fact remains...a ton of people made their choice. Part of me wants to wash my hands and say, "Sleep in the bed you made." The other part of me says, "Whoa, wait a minute!"

@Alysandir I think it was more a case of voting against Trump than for JB. That said, blm and antifa are not JB fans period.


This is surprising "BECAUSE"????????
You have not figured out that it is not "CONTROL" that THEY want, it is"TOTAL CONTROL" they are after!!!
THEY do not want to be questioned or challenged in any way!!!
NANCY, is crazy, I doubt that has been in question for several of HER terms, so why does this surprise any of you????????????
25,000 troops in DC, should have caused a major reaction, why didn't it???????????
Are WE really ready to roll over and play dead???

Serg97 Level 8 Jan 24, 2021

I don't disagree, but who do we appeal to? The numbers are not in our favor, the media hates anybody opposed to the left, and the GOP seems to be cowering in fear, having completely failed their constituents.

@coalburned How about the 74,000,000 TRUMP voters?????????
WE can start changing things peacefully, OR????????????????????
I am to old for the "OR"!!!

@Serg97 it is always oldtimers demandung the youth die for causes the youth don't understand. You have to find middle aged men and women before you find people that remember life before a police state and spy state existed. We have a whole generstion that has grown up during the laws placed during the start of the afgan/iraq war.

Ols men jumping to arms may say something. But all it will be reported is "grumpy old men and middle aged whackos"

@CuriousFury Who fault is it that the YOUTH don't understand???
My generation may be the last one that remembers "before the police state" and I am old (may be just a "grumpy old man" )!!!!
I have been fighting this since the early 1960's!!! I did not agree with the educational system of that time, and paid for it, since I was still in it!!! It did not stop my fight!!!
We can try to counter what the youth are being taught, it will be a fight, because THIS is all they know!!! Stand by your beliefs and try to pass them down to the young, I do!!!!

It's difficult when any physical resistance on the conservative end is perceived and labeled as terrorism, but when the progressive "woke" side of the country uses violence, they are simply victims righteously fighting for their freedom. Conservatives need to be extra careful about what they do or else the left will use the actions of conservatives to paint them in a worse light. This war is a war of moral high ground, that's where it seems most of the power lies. We have a better chance of stabilizing conservatism if we maintain discipline.

I'm mainly here to try to have conversations about this topic, there's a website make strong claims with a lot of evidence that "the Antichrist", according to Christian doctrine, is here on Earth, and the site gives his name, please check it out, I'd like there hear what you have to say:

If this is true, this individual will use the progressive left to be in his cult/army, so this is very relevant.

@CuriousFury interesting comment it is always oldtimers demandung the youth die for causes the youth don't understand. History doesn't support your premise if you're talking revolutions about ideas but more likely true in wars and police actions.

The American and French revolutions were led by those primarily 44 years and younger As a matter of fact a whole lot of 30, 20 and teens involved. Wars are different as non-draft wars younger men volunteered. Wars with the draft certainly selected
younger men.

@dd54 all i qas saying is that it is often those past the age of 50 that call for action to protect the bill of rights from a working class that is busy supporting the nation, while college students without jobs seem to be the army of antifa.

@CuriousFury there are millions of working class people 50 years plus that are working to support families.and the nation. College degrees never come with a job guarantee.Additionally, many antifa do or did work or supposed went ir do attend college unless cv19 shutdown the businesses or classes. Destroying other peoples business and harming the communitees they inhabit qualifies them as immature twits. They should be prosecuted and required to help rebuild the communitees they so callously destroy. I think they have the media and the neo lib dems attention now but it doesn't look like that will bode
well for them. Just sayin

@dd54 i hear ya. I may be radicalizing my point. I am just saying many college classes are online now. Allowing a very open and flexible physical location. Many of the working labor class don't have that flexibility, nor desire to participate in driving to downtowns where riotous protests are located, coincidently often where the colleges and universities are closely associated.

@CuriousFury now that I do agree with.


Communists only remain in power by the barrel of a gun. You can vote your way in, but you have to shoot your way out...

2peros Level 8 Jan 24, 2021

Like how Trump wanted to declare martial law to rig the vote?

@slugpilldaddy we’re talking about the current administration, not the last one.
Try to keep up...

@2peros its only been a few days. Biden is hardly a communist.

@slugpilldaddy conspiracy theory

@slugpilldaddy that’s one opinion...

@slugpilldaddy Biden does what he is told, if you haven't noticed, he does not have a mind of his own!!!!

@Serg97 therefore if more than 1 person agrees on something then they don't have a mind of their own.

@slugpilldaddy Slugpilldaddy what name did you use to go by??? I am betting we all know you from before!!! It appears you have not change you thinking or replies at all!!!!

@Serg97 I'm a different guy. First time here on the slug

@slugpilldaddy OK!!!!

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