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The Fact that White Americans bawl about BLM but feel Zero Pity for Palestinian-Lives-Matter(PLM) is Proof that Jews Control the Gods — True Conscience cannot be Imposed from Above — The Paradox of how 'White Guilt' under Jewish Manipulation turned into White Evil in support of Jewish Supremacism


andaleyutro 7 Feb 21
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The misery of the Palestinian people stems not from the Jews, but from their own failed leadership, most recently with the late Yasser Arafat and his PLO, followed by the terrorist Hamas government in Gaza. The Jews have roots in “Palestine” which go back 12 centuries prior to Christ, that’s more than three thousand years.

The suffering of the Palestinian people is real, but it’s exploited by the Arab world to achieve their political ends, in much the same way the suffering of disadvantaged African-Americans is exploited by upscale progressives.

GeeMac Level 8 Feb 21, 2021

Israel offers Iran water technology, to alleviate their plight and suffering. What a conundrum of Jewish manipulation, white guilt & Jewish Supremacism'.

"True Conscience cannot be Imposed from Above" ?? really?? Well if the Ten Commandments is too Jewish and not universal enough for your blatant bigotry, how about the Codes of Hammurabi?


I'm a hapa and oppose both.

sqeptiq Level 7 Feb 21, 2021

the fact that Hezbolah and Palestine have rejected every peace offer they have ever been given including those that met every single one of their demands unequivocally has left there cause a morally bankrupt farce.

RobD1 Level 7 Feb 21, 2021

I'm white as a sheet and could care less about either.

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