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There's no such thing as racism, just stupid people.
The only way to end racism is to stop talking about it.
The Culture Wars are a contrived SighOP designed to keep you distracted from things that actually matter. Sydney and Daisy are controlled assets paid by the CIA to foment / perpetuate this distraction.
Change my MIND

Kalki 5 Feb 23
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If they’re getting paid then they’ve been ripped off. I know Daisy is a local girl and there’s nothing luxurious about her lifestyle. Pointing out hypocrisy and stupidity in an informative and intelligent way is a skill set they both have, which some may find threatening.

Jedly Level 5 Feb 24, 2021

It's the opposite of threatening, it is REDUNDANT. I only watch Syd cuz she is funny and smokin and has the kewlest accent. It's called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

@Kalki can we agree to disagree?


@Kalki Pretty sure that’s the AMWAY down line “no, this is not a pyramid system’” system diagram, brother.


Seems these ladies just report on what is occurring today in the world! Pretty sure not CIA paid! 🤪😂

Header Level 8 Feb 23, 2021

Explain this disguise then

@Kalki oh yes looks like a CIA operative to me! 🤪😂


Racism is a collective concept. One whiteman bad = all whites bad. One Blackman bad = All Blacks bad. One Orange man bad = All Republicans bad.

Of course this is illogical reasoning. A confusion of identities. It's the same as:
One bignose person bad = All bignose persons bad. Racism confuses a physical attribute with a psychological attribute.

Now I don't like how these collectivist concepts are being propounded in our communities but it seems to have the purpose of creating divisiveness and angst. But it isn't just a racial thing. It is a gender thing. It is a class thing. It is an age thing. It is a religion thing. So there is a concerted effort to "fundamentally transform" western civilization and it is coming from a source dedicated to unraveling the fabric of society to "build back better". I don't think Joe Biden has a inkling of what "build back better" means but let's say it is an internal struggle in the States (leader of the free world) and a global struggle in the world.

So the question is what or who is the source? It seems to be socialist and authoritarian. It is evident that it has been permeating American politics for decades in order to be launched and no other nation will be able to resist the force once America falls - if it does. Erosion of 1st and 2nd amendment rights which other nations do not have are warnings to Americans that a governmental force, national or international, Internal or external, is becoming tyrannical. Where other nations will just accept their governments work in their best interests, because of encroachments on their rights only Americans are aware when they are not working in their best interests.

As to Sydney Watson being a CIA hack - that's laughable. But I agree we need to stop talking about race if we are going to get anywhere with eliminating it and get back to "judging a man by his character and not the color of his skin".

Most people like to be fair. The difference between a leftist and a rightest is that the rightest doesn't hate people. The leftist always hates some "group" for some reason.

NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT - says all women

The right does not hate - lol

@Kalki "The right does not hate - lol"

To be fair....They are human so they can be brought to it. But it isn't their continuous emotional state....the left will even pretend they like people sometimes.

Of course, you realize I am speaking in generalities which are generally not true. But the progressive left at the moment are the ones that wish to bring about a "fundamental transformation" or a "great reset" and "build back better" out of the rubble they will create. They believe they are all on the same page because they have a target to destroy - western civilization. In trying to hide their dislike of the structure of western society and the people who have built and supported it they are displaying a certain paranoia - and I cite the Pelosi wall as evidence. In my opinion, Pelosi actually has a crumb of conscientiousness or she wouldn't be paranoid in the least. Her teeth must be ground to the nub in her anxiety though.

Nonetheless, the majority of people in western civilization are not as destructive as socialists and communists. They are aware they are individuals to a degree and can follow a simple philosophy of do unto others as you would have them do unto you or live and let live - not take from the rich and give to the poor which belies the fact that one who holds such view does not really care for the poor as much as they hate the rich.


I don't know if I can change mud into a diamond, as your mind appears to be made up with vociferous statements of your opinion and declaring them to be fact. Now if you said Bill Gates and the vaccine to forcibly inoculate them to change their minds with video proof:



Your 'no such thing as racism' and next sentence 'only way to end racism' seems contradictory. I am not sure what box you have been living in but obviously has no windows to the real world.

Admonishing 'to end racism is to stop talking about it' is delusional, and makes me think you are trying to be a Psy-Op handler yourself. Decades ago we talked about it, got it out into the open, and was nearly obliterated except for a few hard core haters, like Obama and Matt Hale followers ect.

You would do well to watch Blazing Saddles (1974) or Hair (1979) or All in the Family, Sanford & Son, The Jeffersons and a few others. We mocked the shiite out of racist bigots and stuck up for one another.

Revvin' it up in the United States of Love

In todays' world seeing is not believing as even images etc can be manipulated.

@Lightman Yes I believe that. LOL

@Weltansicht LOL

You have to be stupid first in order to be racist.

@Kalki Perhaps. Racism is learned, stupidity is not.

I like your shirt though. Reminds me of the Fighting Whiteys.

@Kalki "You have to be stupid first in order to be racist."

I would say to hold the racist view one must be stupid because it is a general opinion of a race.
However, are you saying that proponents of Black Lives Matter are stupid?

@Kalki Morgan Freeman on 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace about Black History Month and racism.


@RemiDallaire is this really a psyop?

2peros Level 8 Feb 23, 2021

Fight individual instances of proven racism. Stop painting everyone with the broad brush that you refuse to be painted with.

I got into it with a black fella one time, he's all trying to play the victim and I'm all I"M A HUMAN ON A PLANET and also a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL, I can out-victim anybody.


I saw this some where . Put some red and black ants in a jar and they get along fine . Each going about they business as usual . Then someone shakes the jar and dumps them out . They immediately start attacking each other . Now who's the villain here , the ants or the person shaking the jar ?

do believe that is an accurate metaphor


Now if only we can convince 'race hustlers' like Sharpton, and Waters, to give up their generous incomes for the sake of racial harmony.

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