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In previous posts I have discussed the missed opportunity by conservatives to take the lead in fighting the pandemic and the political consequences. The geopolitical consequences are less clear but there are historical references. The great reset is not just fantasy but has a historical basis. While the cult of social justice had been growing slowly for decades the pandemic did accelerate it's growth as Western Governments stumbled in their pandemic response. There are interesting parallels to the rise of Christianity.

Because of the low mortality rate no direct parallels between this pandemic and those of the Middle Ages and ancient world can be drawn. Still earlier pandemics can illustrate how they bring cultural, economic and political change.

wolfhnd 8 Apr 27
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Reset the government. Dissolve the federal government and go back to independent states.

Fine with me.


Interesting. Most pandemics in the past were occassions that brought about socio/economic change. I think this pandemic is the first one engineered for that purpose. It has pretty much destroyed the capitalist economies of the world and the central banks have indebted their nations beyond redemption. No wonder Trudeau and Freeland are ecstatic about the opportunity for the great reset.
It's where they want to go. Trudeau and Morneau were already wreaking havoc with the economy. I think Morneau got cold feet and became Neaumore. Freeland is ready to push ahead though. I sure hate listening to her talk. She is so condescending. Of course in America, there is a President who has no clue what's going on and the push to"fundamentally transform" America is taken on by Marxist Sanders and the goonie squad giving the Democrat party their marching orders as devised by race-hustler Obama and chaos merchant Soros.


I can't imagine what's to come and I can't imagine what stronger or better leadership in the early months might have looked like.

govols Level 8 Apr 27, 2021

The opportunity is more psychological than practical.

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I hope to have time to view this.

On your comment---some see opportunity at every corner.

What we refer to as the Left LIVES for "opportunities." A thousand years ago, opportunists tended to think in more proximate terms---this or that stretch of territory, cottage industries, ports, etc.
Now, they (the Left---the so-called 'Right' wouldn't know an opportunity if it bit them on the ass) think in Global terms. Always the biggest Big Picture.

The 'Pandemic,' (even that is a loaded term) needed to be seen as much more devastating than it is or was. The disease itself was bad, but it needed to be worse. The Left made that happen. People in masks, outside, shaming others for not wearing one. It was a successful "coup" over the mind.


The scamdemic. The flu "disappeated" and guy hit with car died of covid. So they could put money back in the bank


It's the freedom, stupid!

sqeptiq Level 8 Apr 27, 2021
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