Although one has to wonder if these Deep Stators realize they’ve been duped by Marxist/Communism propaganda? And yes I said Communism because it’s getting harder & harder to play this woke game of semantics with the left in America – indeed the world. A Communist by any other name is still a Communist no matter their name or position.

Neglecting the infiltration of academia (I suppose we counted on Americans not falling for their BS) was a serious, likely fatal, mistake. What your children are taught will inevitably end up in positions of power capable of toppling the most righteous establishment(s).

Useful idiots is so very true, they’re like zombies that think they’re on a holy crusade for the betterment of humankind. MSM (Main Stream Media) doesn’t appear to realize their complicity in the Socialist overthrow of the United States Government – all done righteously of course.

They & you, need to come to the simple realization that Populism is Democracy in action & not some nefarious plot by the unwashed peasantry. CRT (Critical Race Theory) & The 1619 Project are both pure Communist propaganda to feed the altruistic devotees that every Socialist Dictator has needed in order to catapult themselves into power & you’ve done it. Donald Trump wasn’t & isn’t the big bad boogeyman out to destroy America.

Posted by: Glenn Beck ~ Apr 30, 2021
“Critical Race Theory IS here: TEXAS parent details fight against ‘POISONOUS’ curriculum”

1914wizard 7 May 3
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He was not elected. Trump was


America elected a communist and a brain-dead stooge.

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