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Dunkin’ store manager punches, kills elderly customer who allegedly called him a racial slur: Police

by Jacquelyn Gray
May 11, 2021

A Dunkin’ employee in Florida was rearrested on Friday, days after the customer he allegedly punched died of his injuries.
The altercation involving Corey Pujols, 27, and a 77-year-old man reportedly occurred on May 4 at a Dunkin’ location in Tampa. Police and rescue crews who responded to the scene found the elderly man unconscious and bleeding from his head, according to The Tampa Bay Times.
The man was in intensive care at the time of his death on May 6. An autopsy confirmed he died of a skull fracture and brain contusions caused by blunt trauma to the head, the news outlet reported.
On the day in question, the man was reportedly upset about the service he received at the drive-thru window. Police said the man ignored Dunkin’ employees’ requests to leave and instead went inside the establishment and argued with Pujols, who is the store manager.
Pujols told police that the man, who was a regular customer, called him a racial slur during the argument. Pujols said he asked the man to repeat the slur. When he did, Pujols allegedly punched him once in the face. The slur that allegedly sparked last week’s fatal altercation was disclosed in the police report.

The punch caused the man to fall backward and hit the back of his head on the concrete floor. Surveillance footage appears to show Pujols strike the man and the man hit his head on the floor. The man is not filmed touching Pujols during the incident.
Pujols was initially arrested on charges of battery on a person older than 65 and released the following day on $2,000 bail, but he was rearrested on Friday and charged with aggravated manslaughter of a person older than 65. He remains jailed without bail.
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Andyman 8 May 16
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CRT via sjws spreads the lie that all blacks/POCs are victims and encourages the use of violence as a means of addressing any act(s)/words perceived as a slur on their race which results in encounters such as this. CRT is tearing our society apart. Would like to see the cummulative data of assaults, battery, murders year over year for the last 5 years to see how much much these violent acts have increased.

dd54 Level 8 May 16, 2021

Dunkin’ Store manager?!? What were the criteria for getting that job, a murderous temper and a good punch? If this is a true representation of the circumstances, I hope Dunkin’ loses a lot of business (and money) for their choice of putting woke, political correctness above customer safety.

The “criteria” is melanin levels and gender now for advancement in any profession.


Well, one more out-of-control criminal is out of circulation for a short vacation while he gets some more street cred. Not sure how much street cred he should get for murdering a 77 y/o man; but maybe it’ll help if he murders some babies and old women too. (As long as he claims they were racists too).


The guy screwed up. You don't punch someone for calling you a name. You might punch someone for calling your WIFE a name, but that's another topic.

Wow--special law for somebody over 65! Been waiting my whole life for a little bit of sugar! Just need to stay alive until then.

I'm guessing there's a whole lot of back story here, so I'm going be very circumspect on this one.

These laws generally punish the group they enhance as most assaults in that group involve 2 elderly people fighting. These laws are a form of discrimination against the elderly/disabled

I’m not so circumspect. I grew up in an era when “nigger” was a name used for not just black people, but low life scuzzies regardless of colour - behaviour, NOT race...kinda like this kid.

Let’s see how the sjws spin it so he’s the victim.

And let’s see if I get dinged for using a scary wary George Carlin said, “Context”.

Seriously? That is some weird legislation. I can understand (possibly) a law that would protect the elderly against a 30 year old badass, but...

Whatever. The media will eek this out to get the most mileage, and after some months we'll get the full story.

@Terence57 if you think about it, old people hang around old people, disabled people hang around disabled people, so its basically a way to lock up old people and disabled with enhanced penalties

@Terence57 another interesting thing is that old people and disabled people tend to be on social security/marxist welfare

I don't get it. But that's nothing new...

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