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Things that do NOT get you removed from the GOP

  • Sleeping with minors
  • Harassing school shooting survivors
  • Attempting to overthrow the government
  • Go to Cancún as constituents freeze to death

Things that DO get you removed

  • Saying the election was not stolen
JacksonNought 8 May 17
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Says it all really.


Is there no justice?

I suppose when you say "sleeping with minors" you are referring to Matt Gaetz. - still waiting for due process on that. Seems like a political smear job.

  • Harassing school shooting survivors. Is that about David Hogg who wishes to shelve the 2nd amendment? How do you define "harassing"? David Hogg would probably fit your definition himself.

  • attempting to overthrow the government. Was that on January 6? Or Perhaps during the entire Trump adminstration?

  • Go to Cancun as constituents freeze. Smear job on Ted Cruz. Perhaps not a wise political decision just for the optics. Wise political decisions have never been in surplus.

You have nothing.

Can we please look and see if there were some discrepancies in the election? No! N. O. No! No looking.


I'm actually more interested in knowing which GOP representatives you, and the party of AOC, likes.


Something that doesn't get you kicked out of the Democratic Party, promoting the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory and undermining the intelligence agencies.

wolfhnd Level 8 May 17, 2021

undermining the intelligence agencies

You realize Trump did this non-stop?

Should be, "...corrupting the intelligence agencies" to the point where they can't be trusted.

@JacksonNought There is a difference between saying the FBI/CIA is corrupt and leaking intelligence every week to hurt someone politically.


I'm a school shooting survivor in that I've never died in one. 💁🏼‍♂

sqeptiq Level 8 May 17, 2021


the only school shootings we had at school when I grew up were when the NRA would come and do gun safety classes and we would shot clay pigeons on the football field.

@KeVince ...but did you survive?

@RobBlair yes, but the clay pigeons didn't. I always shot both of mine.

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