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January 6th reruns

Weltansicht 8 June 23
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The Democrat Party has been a criminal enterprise since its inception in 1828, thriving by calling itself the party of the “common man.” Following the party from the beginning is a compendium of corruption, deception, intimidation, kidnapping, slavery and murder. It is a party based on patronage and began with a very effective political machine that has evolved into the most effective vote corruption juggernaut in history. All of the most corrupt regimes in American history were Democrats. Anyone can look up all of that stuff.

Lincoln founded the Republican Party in part as a response to that corrupt enterprise. The Democrat Party founded the KKK to intimidate freed slaves from voting Republican, and in perfect consistency with its history, found its only recourse to the appearance of a principled party was to slander Republicans for slavery and racism - just as it continues to do about everything it does to plunder America for money and power.

Republicans pledge to defend the Constitution. Democrats accuse Republicans of everything except that, and the dumbest Americans fell for that and still do.


New frontiers in fake outrage!

sqeptiq Level 9 June 23, 2022

Any and everyone who ever invaded any american building ought be shot.

Blm? shot!
Antifa? shot!
Proud bosys? shot!
MAGA? shot!

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Posted by JohnHoukOur Times & Jesus SUMMARY: Judi McLeod posted a very short outlook based on a Baby-Killer protest sign and an AOC tweet & Rob Pue opinion piece that provides his view these vile days came to be.

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Posted by WeltansichtIt is hard to imagine.

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Posted by GeeMacWhile I have nothing against LGBT representation in movies — it’s a free country — I don’t get Disney’s aggressive pushing of the queer agenda in kid’s content.

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