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Berlin, German government plans measures against ‘queer hostility’

The German government's "queer" commissioner, Sven Lehmann (Greens), has presented a catalog of measures against "queer hostility". Lehmann sent a relevant draft to associations and ministries of the federal government for further coordination.

Published: September 1, 2022, 10:28 am

The “National Action Plan for the Acceptance and Protection of Sexual and Gender Diversity” would like to promote “legal recognition”, “participation” and “security” of LGBTQ people more, as reported by the German Press Agency dpa.

According to the draft, security authorities are to record “hate crimes” based on gender or sexual orientation separately in the future. Projects against sexism and “queer hostility” are to be promoted in schools and in sports. Furthermore, there are plans to regulate costs for artificial insemination to have children, including for unmarried and same-sex couples. For “gender-fair language” the “establishment of a body for the formulation of recommendations for the public service” is demanded.

Bypassing a vote in the Bundestag

In the coalition pact, the traffic light parties had already agreed to develop such an action plan to be decided later this year. A prioritization and the implementation of the various cornerstones should then take place. According to the coalition agreement, the traffic light wants to expand the equal treatment article of the Basic Law to include a ban on discrimination based on sexual identity.

The draft of the action plan proposes that the government seek a “dialogue with the Bundestag and the federal states about a corresponding draft law” because the two-thirds majority required for an amendment to the Basic Law in the Bundestag and Bundesrat is considered extremely unlikely.

“We’ve come a long way in terms of equality and acceptance, but still not far enough,” said Lehmann. With the action plan one wants to decisively counteract “queer hostility”. It will become “the agenda for a politics of respect,” predicted the “Queer” commissioner.

Diverting tax money

Aidshilfe Cologne and the gay health center Checkpoint honored Sven Lehmann for his commitment to the LGBT community, especially during the Corona crisis “for his demand for a rainbow rescue package for queer clubs, associations and organizations”. The campaign honors people, organizations and clubs who are committed to the interests of the community with the help of campaigns during the crisis.

In a guest article in German daily Die Welt, Lehmann claimed that there were many genders and that the view that there are only two genders was “unscientific and homophobic and transphobic”. The biologist and Nobel Prize winner Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard contradicted his peculiar view in an interview in the magazine Emma. “Mr. Lehmann may have missed the basic course in biology.” The magazine Cicero dryly noted that it now seemed that Nobel Prize winners were needed to explain to the public that there are two biological sexes.

Nüsslein-Volhard explained that basic biological principles unequivocally disprove transgenderism. “[A]ll mammals have two sexes, and man is a mammal,” said Nüsslein-Volhard, who won the 1995 Nobel prize in Physiology and Medicine for her research in early embryonic development.

“There’s the one sex that produces the eggs, has two X chromosomes. That’s called female, and there’s the other one that makes the sperm, has an X and a Y chromosome. That’s called male.”

Asked whether people can change their gender, the Nobel laureate dismissed the notion as absurd: “That’s nonsense! It’s wishful thinking. There are people who want to change their gender, but they can’t do it … People retain their gender for life.” People who believe they can change their gender “cannot impose their ideas on everyone as facts”.

Dangerous gender notions

Nüsslein-Volhard also warned of the dangers of prescribing hormones to try to achieve this. “The body cannot handle it well in the long run. Every hormone you take has side effects. Taking hormones is inherently dangerous.”

Nüsslein-Volhard said the transgender view espoused by Lehmann was “unscientific”. Despite this, the German government began pushing for legislation to allow children as young as 14 to change their legal gender without parental consent.

She said allowing children to “change their gender” was “madness”. She said young girls should be supported in their actual identities rather than encouraged to become like men.

A new LGBTQ branch in Germany wants to decriminalise zoophilia

To coincide with Lehman’s disconcerting policies, a rally took place in Berlin recently: The protesters, including the organisation Equality for All, demanded the “right” to have sex with animals.

ZETA, a German zoophile-rights group, marched to highlight the persecution that zoophiles face. The civil rights group, Equality for All, participated in the protest as well, German tabloid Bild reported.

Currently, it is illegal in Germany to engage in sexual acts with animals. Although it was abolished in 1969, it was reintroduced in 2013.


We who try to warn others , saw this one coming many moons ago, and here it is. Although it is perhaps a bit too late, the compounding damage of these policies are stretching western nations to the breaking point. When the war starts, well lets just say laws are silent in the time of war. Although I am not convinced the resistance will be enough in Germany, after all the supported Hitler. But than again, Hitler didn't turn off their heating and food supply. So there is that.

Krunoslav 9 Sep 1
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Sexual deviance is part of the rituals of wokeness. Sex such as temple prostitution and violence such as ritual sacrifice seems to be part of the human religious impulse. You could throw in drugs such as mushrooms etc. as common elements of religious experience.

As I keep trying to explain humans evolved for an easy but unstable environment (Garden of Eden) but civilization requires a harsh but stable environment (productivity). In a natural environment a fast lifestyle where most energy is devoted to the sex act itself and pair bounding and nurturing are less advantages for fitness selection favors what the socialists are pushing. In a civilized environment fitness favors stronger pair bounds and nurturing. The exception is the rich and poor. The rich because resources substitute for stable relationships and direct nurturing. The poor because stable relationships are nearly impossible and the resources for nurturing do not exist. That dynamic will have some evolutionary effect. Predispositions will vary slightly by class and selection will cause some genetic diversion. The middle and working class will in theory have the most genetic predisposition towards the behavior civilization requires and be predisposed to reject socialism.

We see these predispositions play out in the political arena. Of course the same dynamics that would cause genetic diversion will reinforce the predispositions independent of genetics. We see this at work in the middle class adolescents because resource limited adolescents would benefit in terms of fitness from a fast lifestyle. Adolescents are predisposed towards the instability of a natural lifestyle. Young males can't compete with older resource rich males for females and unstable females will be driven out of their ingroup. They will be inclined towards the easy but unstable environment of socialism. In the 60s the baby boom transformed society into a youth culture. Most of the population is stuck in adolescence. Only those that retained some religious or similar cultural grounding escaped being permanent adolescents.

Genetic predisposition for civilizations harsh but stable environment would be expected to be strongest where civilization has existed the longest. In the middle east, followed by China and then Europe. Islam is the perfect expression of those predispositions slightly distorted by the more primitive impulses of a nomadic Arab people. China is an example of a harsh but stable society when it becomes unstable the lower classes go mad. Europe is a mixed bag benefiting from both instability and stability. Instability for adaptation and stability for productivity.

I forgot to add that we have been selecting females for permanent adolescence. It is expressed in Neoteny especially the retention of juvenile features in females. As long as females could be controlled permanent adolescence did not effect cultural fitness (think Islam). Once females escaped control they will be more inclined to prefer the easy but unstable environment of socialism. They are less likely to perceive the relationship between productivity and civilization. Contrary to myth females are not interested in monogamy beyond what is driven by hypergamy. Left to their own devices they will mate with the most dominant male in our case the socialist state.

"The middle and working class will in theory have the most genetic predisposition towards the behavior civilization requires and be predisposed to reject socialism."

Reminds of of something I read. While I don't agree with some of it, its an interesting food for thought.

“Finally, we arrive at the question of the so-called nonpolitical man. Hitler not only established his power from the very beginning with masses of people who were until then essentially nonpolitical; he also accomplished his last step to victory in March of 1933 in a "legal" manner, by mobilizing no less than five million nonvoters, that is to say, nonpolitical people. The Left parties had made every effort to win over the indifferent masses, without posing the question as to what it means "to be indifferent or nonpolitical.

The more a man who belongs to the broad working masses is nonpolitical, the more susceptible he is to the ideology of political reaction. To be nonpolitical is not, as one might suppose, evidence of a passive psychic condition, but of a highly active attitude, a defense against the awareness of social responsibility. The analysis of this defense against consciousness of one's social responsibility yields clear insights into a number of dark questions concerning the behavior of the broad nonpolitical strata.

― Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism

Kind of like many who became MAGA. Going from non political , to reactionaries once they felt they are under attack. But without deeper insights into political game, they grabbed onto what feels most natural. First man that speaks to their desires and fills to role of a potential leader. Enter Trump.

I’m not comparing Hitler to Trump in any way that this is often done by the lefties. I’m merely suggesting that just as they supported someone in Germany , so they did Hitler. Its almost predictable. The current regime is so afraid of this power that Trump taped into they call it populism, as if it’s a social disease or something. 

So much so that press secretary of WH, you know the first black lesbian airhead. Claimed MAGA is now terrorism. Its extremists. It fits into the FBI raid and all that. They are really afraid of power of the people that Trump can tap into and they can't no matter how much money they spend. Trump is not Hitler that's for sure. But he is also not the regime guy. And that is enough already to make them truly panic.

They are also afraid of Putin even more, because he not only represents what Trump does, but he actually has power of people and military.

Sergey Lavrov Russian politician and Foreign Minister, said in a speech today: "Russophobic obsession manifests itself in everything. Yesterday, German Foreign Minister Berbeck said that yes, our citizens are suffering, but they will have to suffer, because we will support Ukraine no matter what. A fantastic confession. Just a fantastic confession!"

Showing that EU and Germany in particular is like US democrats. Same people are behind both.


Liberals are criminal abettors

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