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People bitch about jehovahs witnesses knocking on their door, but guess whose 100 times worse?

IRS agents nitpicking and being fussy.

These religious fanatics are so indoctrinated they believe they have the right to invade your life and force you to pay to support their imaginary religion they call government.

Churches today don't force you to pay a tithe

Atheists got their shit backwards.

Jesus-saves 5 May 26
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In the 1800s, I think it was, in America, towns did force citizens to pay for churches and preachers' salaries. In Switzerland, there is something where a churchgoer cannot be registered in some form or fashion if he doesn't pay into his church a certain amount. Jews have something similar. Those last two I heard from men who went to those churches or synagogues.

Remember the time the man crashed his plane into an IRS building? I shocked the two people I was with by cheering when I saw it on the news. Nothing can make a grown man cry more than the IRS. They have all of the answers yet trip you up with trick questions. A flat tax makes more sense, i.m.o. One rich oil man I talked to was very opposed to a flat tax because then he'd have to pay "too much". I tried to explain that everyone, regardless of income, would pay the same flat rate, but he was very angry about the idea. That makes me think it is the wealthy who might not want that tax - since they get to write everything off and have multiple loopholes.

Then they changed their name to government

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