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When I was a student...I liked to drink beer in pubs while I was doing some home work. i loved to play cards with my friends. Go out with friends.. study with friends....And learn stuff with a smile... What the fuck went wrong ?

RemiDallaire 9 Nov 15
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U see the angry in these so called tolerant children! Disgusting human beings is all they are!

Header Level 8 Nov 15, 2019

I know most folks think letting these idiots mess with their things, pack them up, and force them without making any effort to intervene is some how the high road, and better way to go. It shows how weak and scared they are more than anything. The republican party pulls this "high road" routine and that's why they can never actually defeat the democrats. When the going gets tough they let the democrats fold them up and send them home. The founding fathers did not create this country by taking this illusive high road with the British, they stood their ground and fought. When people post memes about how the socialists talk about revolution but the other side has millions of weapons and billions of bullets it won't matter if they are not even willing to stand their ground here. With their attitude they will take the high road and obey the law when they are ordered to hand over their guns. They will board the cattle cars when uniformed heroes order them to....

You have to choose your battles to win the war, but yes it's infuriating to watch. I'm not really sure what they could have done except to start a brawl. If it was me quite possibly I'd have "accidentally" stabbed my pen into their grubby little hands as they touched my table.

This is very reminiscent of how the Jews were treated before they were exterminated which some younger people may not even be aware of that reality. In terms of the posts scenario I wouldn't be hosting a lone table at a liberal SJW college that would not have any impact but even if this group had masked up like antifa scum and had plenty of muscle on hand the SJWs would have avoided them and there would be no impact. Also note in this event the SJWs are females taunting males knowing they won't react.
Another thing for us to keep in mind is that its not just the SJWs anymore as they are now fronting for islam. I agree we back down too quickly but I also admit we need to pick our battles and our battleground. I think we need more huge protests that are well televised to announce what we advocate for. Conservatives need to determine exactly what they stand for and stand their ground or they will end up ceding to the opposition activists that don't mind getting their hands a little dirty. Mind you, there are conservatives and libertarians encouraging people that all they have to do is find common ground with the SJWs/islamists and then that will open the door for a kumbaya session. Joe Rogin put out a video supporting that approach.recently. I don't find that approach persuasive but am open to discussing rationale and supporting affirmative actions.

@Letemdangle Were I in their place when these dinks started grabbing things I would have stepped up and grabbed them back then put myself between them and my property, and should they try turning my table over it would have become physical as I would push them away from my table telling them to keep their hands to themselves. If they wanted to escalate it to a brawl that would be their choice but I would not hesitate to defend myself.

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