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Get rid of them

Edgework 8 Nov 18
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Let’s be real. No one voted for Donald Trump for legal reasons or based their choice on fine points of constitutional jurisprudence. Neither did they kid themselves that they were voting for a skilled, diplomatic politician who would work hard to fit in. They voted for him because they are sick of the shit show in Washington DC and Trump said the magic words “Drain the Swamp,” and these two otherwise unemployable swamp creatures are at the top of the list. Their entire program has been one of deception, fraud, lies and obstruction. But we have to worry about being constitutionally pure?


Preferably by deporting them to China....


Look I get the sentiment of the meme but it must be pointed out - POTUS does NOT have the power to "fire" elected officials. There is a process for that and it does not involve the office of the President.
I feel compelled to point this out because I know there are far too many people who will see this meme who do NOT understand the principles of the system of "Separate but co-equal" branches of Government and the basic reasons for establishing it.

iThink Level 8 Nov 18, 2019

Point taken.

Point well made, just as the mutts in the meme do not have the authority to fire the president just because they do not like him, or because they know they can not win in an honest election (or even win with all their election fraud)

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