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There's no real mystery behind BootyJudge's run for POTUS.

He's the New Obama.... Another First for DumboCraps to try to foist upon us.
Young, and Queer.
Now, if they gave a Shit about anything actually sensible, they'd be backing a moderate female.. but the Pendulum MUST swing to the Left-est point.

Not that Pete stands a chance, but watch the trajectory. It's clear the D's learned ZERO from '16, looking only at '18's House gains.

Which their IMPEACHMENT! Farce will erase, taking with it the hopes for any real federal power, for at least a decade.

DonProvolone 7 Dec 27
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no one would give booty gig the time of day if he were not "openly homosexual". he checks that important demographic box for the socialist party

iThink Level 8 Dec 27, 2019

I was surprised when Swalwell, and Beto got booted from their debates, but Bettygig is still getting press. The other two were far more entertaining. The insanity that has been expressed from the various members of this democrat primary has really been telling on how degraded our society as a whole has become. Idiots promising free abortions to men wearing dresses, others threatening the American people with nuclear retaliation for refusing to turn in weapons to the government, and taxation in excess of 75% so they can give everyone anything they want for "free".

If Yang wasn't such a flake, in the mold of Beta, he might be a wise choice.

not surprising at all - both are straight white males


As a Canadian I think that works for me. If you guys could get rid of a few of these fruit flies we might actually be able to rid ourselves of the Turd.

Rick-A Level 8 Dec 27, 2019

Your BM PM?

LOL! Justin is dreamy...


He's as centrist as they come. Pure neoliberal. And not going to win.


Just listen to him.

Decriminalize ALL drugs?! (One recent example)

Hardly centrist.

@DonProvolone I don't believe one word coming out of his mouth. He got the attention of the left with the launch of his campaign by talking about democracy reforms like court packing. But he has since gone back on that. []

Some reasons he's not popular with the left (you might gain a new appreciation for him):

  1. He said "all lives matter," [] equated the "I can't breathe" and "breathe easy" campaigns, [] called Chick-fil-A boycotters "virtue signalers," [] and called progressive activists "social justice warriors." []

  2. He gave a speech to a tea party group when he ran for state treasurer and validated their "real concerns about the direction of our government" (under Obama). See video at bottom.

  3. He said that he's open to sending troops to Mexico []

  4. His campaign used stock photos of Kenyans and falsely claimed endorsements to market his plan for black America []

  5. He ran his mayoral campaign on behalf of a racist white coup at South Bend PD []

  6. He didn't listen to the black community during his gentrification initiative []

  7. He posed for an Instagram at a Holocaust memorial []

  8. Mark Zuckerberg is staffing his campaign []

  9. He flip-flopped on Medicare for All []

  10. He helped downsize, gouge consumers, and perpetuate the forever war consulting with McKinsey for USPS, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Best Buy, a grocery store, Iraq, and Afghanistan []

  11. He proudly enlists wealthy fundraising bundlers from big tech and finance []

  12. He's a deficit hawk [] []


You know I take nothing as tru(ish) without LINKS Rick.
And his stated platform isn't center anything.
TBH, no one should trust WORD ONE out of the gobs of this crop of current Dumbocrap contenders.

@DonProvolone Links added.

@DonProvolone You can discount the platform of any Democrat running as a deficit hawk. Even then, he is positioning himself to the right of all the other candidates.

@DonProvolone But he is good with rhetoric, frighteningly so, and has fooled some older white voters.


I still don't see it, and neither does anyone else with one bit of common sense.




They ALL are fooling many with feeble minds!

He went all in on Iowa and the resulting surge is what put him in the spotlight. He took away the more centrist supporters of Warren. Now he's fading after weeks of shellacking from the left and from all his opponents in the last debate.

Also an interesting take ( at 4:58 ):


Because, people see he's no moderate.

I go by the debates, and what he says when interviewed....

Sure, he's less left than Warren or Sanders, but that Doesn't equate to centrist, especially considering how Left Warren and Sanders are.
Never going to change my mind. I see Bullshit for what it is.


I have zero interest in watching the video.

@DonProvolone I mean, he's pandering to cultural conservatives and his economic views are in line with those of corporate America.


I don't see that at all, so stop trying to swing my mind.

The entire field of D hopefuls is rancid Shit.

@DonProvolone Biden, yes, Klobuchar, sure. What do you have against Sanders?

He's a fucking socialist.
Stop being a pinhead Rick, and go piss up a rope.

@WilyRickWiles Sanders? Really? Besides being a socialist, he's a effin wuss. He stepped down and allowed Hillary and the DNC to take the nomination away from him. I wonder... what was his pay off? During one of his 2016 rallies he allowed a BLM spokesman to literally take the microphone from him and take over the rally. A cowering brownnose communist running the greatest country on earth? I don't think so!!!

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