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2peros 8 Dec 29
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A few questions:

  1. Do you have a source for the numbers?
  2. Can you prove the divergent public responses?
  3. What percentage of each group of children died?
  4. Did the children die because of the type of care they were in?
  5. Was their type of care avoidable or a political choice?
  6. Would an alternative have had a better outcome?
  7. If it was a political choice, what was its basis?

Ultimately, did the Trump administration unnecessarily create more harm?

By continuing Obama's and Bush the Lesser's lead you mean?

Wouldn't the Obama Administration's ENCOURAGEMENT of these hordes be more to blame anyway?

(You don't have to answer... we all know you will twist reality to suit your agenda.)

Are you saying our civil responsibility is similar for orphans born as legal citizens of our country as for illegal immigrants from another country.
So by that reasoning, are you then also equally responsible for children born in Ethiopia whose parents are still there?

Just asking questions...

@WilyRickWiles so do your own research, like the adults do...

@2peros A little critical thinking wouldn't hurt you. Really.

@WilyRickWiles ok doomer

@WilyRickWiles Little Ricky, take your own advice. Try a little critical thinking yourself, you might be surprised!!!
But, I doubt you are capable!!!


The 1,600 figure was correct for 2017, but probably is higher now.:


I don't know how I could have missed that but I did.

Xtra Level 8 Dec 29, 2019

you missed it because the plight of American children (of all races and other serious health related problems) living in foster care get absolutely zero publicity. The only times I am aware when foster kids get a mere mention is when some pro-abortion nut case points to them as an example of why abortion is a good thing.

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