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I wonder how many saw the Democrat debate with CNN trying to take out Bernie with another Warrren lie ... anybody that believes the MSM is honest has got to be blind ...

RCGibb 7 Jan 17
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Bernie can't win and Warren has been caught lying so many times now her credibility on this is nil, Dems lost the only good candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, not pro war enough, but the only adult in the democratic line-up


yeah - it was so obvious that is was comical. even the live audience members laughed out loud when the question was asked of Warren...

iThink Level 8 Jan 17, 2020

They pick the ones they want to win and then fabricate them to look good. With lengthy interviews available online, this old snippety emotional format needs to die.

If the press likes the candidate, they'll make sure the public never finds out who that person really is.

This is who Bernie Sanders is (except for immigration, he hasn't changed) -


The DNC is utterly corrupt. They KNOW Bernie loses in the general and they'll do anything to keep him out of it. This is only the first salvo

Know based on what? That's the opposite of what the polls show.

@WilyRickWiles Ok buddy. See you November. If you actually think for one second Sanders is going to win in places like Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania let alone Florida you're crazier than I thought

@Boardwine Do you remember how close those states were in 2016? Democrats win when they give their base something to be enthusiastic about and Trump is doing most of that work for them this time. It's not about the "white working class" or swing voters. It's about Democrats and left-leaning independents who outnumber: Republicans, true swing voters who are declining in number in the age of polarization, and right-leaning independents. It's true that there are less voters who meet the Democratic profile in the rust belt, but blacks in Milwaukee and Detroit didn't turn out last time because Hillary did not give them that something--she didn't even show up to campaign! The massive swings in turnout that we saw in the suburbs in 2018 will continue in places like Philadelphia as well. Florida is kind of a uniquely odd place that I would not bet on winning, but Bernie is actually polling the best there head-to-head. Moreover, across the country, Bernie is expected to turn out young people and Latinos who would not otherwise vote. See you in November.

@WilyRickWiles 1) Bernie will not get the nomination. 2) He has little black support 3) Good luck getting the youth vote to turn out (they never do).4) I don't think the democrat electorate is has far left as you hope.5) The 2018 election was nothing unexpected. The house has historically flipped to the minority in the off year elections. Trump actually outperformed Obama in seats lost in his first off year. 6) Voter turn out will be high for both sides and the country is NOT going to elect a commie. NOT going to happen.

@Boardwine There was a notion that he had a problem with black voters in 2016 that was actually a function of name recognition. He's #2 with black voters this time around and actually does better with them head-to-head against Trump than Biden. He's #1 with young black voters, but Biden remains very strong with older black voters, especially in the South. That very well may change if Bernie wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. Regardless, he is so strong everywhere else, particularly out west, that he still has the potential to win the nomination outright or at least after the addition of Warren's delegates (not a sure thing).

Bernie may be relatively far left, but that is not how he is perceived by regular voters. Like Trump, he activates the widespread but largely unconscious populism in the electorate. His consistency over the years and common sense framing has built a trust that blunts accusations of far leftism.

@Boardwine And keep in mind that what we think of as "young voters" at this point includes millennials, who are almost 40 years old. They're going to turn out. And the primary will be a good test of whether the younger ones are motivated enough to show up.

@WilyRickWiles "has built a trust that blunts accusations of far leftism."? He's a open socialist , a commie really. There are no accusations to blunt, it's well known. The democrat primary will in no way be a good test of anything. Only the radicals will be truly engaged. Which may well benefit Bernie. But either way, and regardless of polls, none of the democrat field will beat Trump. The economy is too good. Employment at all time high. Wages are up. No unpopular wars. There's just no way.


It was outrageous. All media should be consumed critically. NYT and WaPo still have value, but corporate cable news is utter garbage.

I don't agree with Bernie on most, but this is a shame, supposed to be fair not a hit job. Doesn't bode well for the Republic or the voters, how do they reestablish any credibility? Had the unintended effect of Boosting Bernie's base if his fundraising was any indication. Definitely have to get past the vitriol to see if any facts are involved ...

I question ALL media. Cable news is by far the worst. The only exception I make is Bret Briar on Fox and only that show. Fox is as bad as the rest most of the time but from 6-7 you actually get a balanced news report.

@Boardwine when people promote the idea of its accusations not proof, it doesn't take much to beat them with a few facts ... at least Fox includes some ...

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