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Don ( citrus fruit) Lemon . CNNs disgraceful human being . Gets the John Ward treatment. & unknowingly ushers in another 4 years of Trump.
Seriousreason 7 Jan 29
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Disrespectful is not actually a word?! Has he not been informed of a neat book called The Dictionary?

Apparently CNN thinks everyone makes up maps as they go along?

Wow, that was rather painful to watch to the end.

Did you see his pittyful non apology . He really is a shocker . Plus I loved John Wards research on the amount of times CNN were miles off with their maps . Worst journalist of the year is well deserved. Fake news channel well earned.


The three stooges Lemon, Pelosi and Shiffty.

Rick-A Level 8 Jan 29, 2020

Where did he hurt you?

Just celebrate another 4 years and lemon curdle!

He's has a natural ability to make ones skin crawl . Watching the steady decline in his ratings & credibility. Is not hurting anyone but himself . The bromance between him & Fredo is really something. So sweet.

@Seriousreason As evidenced here, he has his loyal followers who can’t see his lack of intellectual incapacity.

@Rick-A True , unfortunately there are many who simply will not reexamine their own confirmation bias. Like those that still believe in Russian collusion, or the gender pay gap. They tend to be beyond help.

@Seriousreason, @Rick-A I think you guys are the only people who watch CNN and take it seriously.

@WilyRickWiles Don't kid yourself. Plus in NZ we only see their dumpster fires.

@WilyRickWiles I luv that comment. Seriously.
CNN is, like the CBC, just utter garbage, however it’s a wise to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

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