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Will racism/the idea of race ever become a thing of the past?

A young lady I know has recently had a beautiful baby boy. She is half Indian and half Iranian. Her husband is half Japanese and half English. So, what race is the baby supposed to be? 😂

I think I'm right in saying that we're all mixed-race one way or another. Plus, mixed-race/international marriages are ever so common nowadays. So, why has racial identity been such a big deal? Is it the fear of losing one's root, which drives them to seek their racial identity so desperately?

Martin Luther King would be turning in his grave. 😐

(Incidentally, I understand (hopefully correctly) that we're of one race; homo sapience, but it includes sub-races, racism is an ideology and ethnicity is a state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.)

Any thought?

Naomi 8 Mar 3
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It seems like we require a new socio-psychological technology if we're to really integrate toward a species level shared identity. We really aren't equipped to think of all of us as "of a group." I am simply not---period--one of seven point something humans; I'm one of several dozen neighbors; several dozen sectional identities within the United States; several dozen ethnic Christian denominations, etc.; but I'm simply not one among several billion humans on an emotional level. Logic won't fix it. Reason won't change it. A giant alien space invasion might, but beyond that, some new emotionally salient "revealed" way of seeing would be required for me to see Yankees as the same as Southerners.

govols Level 8 Mar 3, 2020

It will never go away or will character traits or attractiveness vs. ugly or even dress. Black women for example are highly critical of one another. Such gossip as " Do you see that bitch, man, she dress like country"


I think it was Peterson, when discussing identity politics, who said that the whole idea is that all should define themselves within identity groups... negating the idea ultimately that individual identity would be invalid. It represents negation of "self" as a viable entity. Without "self" the issue of rights becomes moot.

As far as the baby is concerned ... I'd say Heinz 57 LOL. Generally though Heinz 57 are a pretty attractive group. I do wish we'd stop needing to identify with anything beyond nationality i.e. American.

Yes, attractive group is correct, especially the women. And that will secure their place in the culture more than anything else. What can one do?

Yes, me too., but the more that come in the less will be that identifacation with America. That is the point.


As far as I'm concerned it is self-evident that there are several basic, broad, obvious evolutionarily differentiated, largely continentally based sub-species within the human population. This fact is the culmination of tens of thousands of years of population isolation within varied environments and within the various social structures each sub-population developed to increase survival toward positive reproduction rates.

As population isolation decreases, mongrelization will increase. Toward what result? Time will tell.

govols Level 8 Mar 3, 2020

Mongrelization will continue, that's for sure. And the meaning of race with reference to physical traits like skin colour, facial features, etc. will no longer be applicable. In fact, human races are already described as a social construct by many academics and scholars, no? Race is applied to linguistic groups, religious groups, political groups, that sort of things. In that case, focusing on ethnicity seems to make more sense than focusing on race...


In America it is already a thing of the past to a larger extent. IT is just that the left wants to keep it front and center to make big $ off it and get votes and divide and conquer.

Hello. In other words, it hasn't gone away... 😟

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