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You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! COVID-19 deaths ARE exaggerated! NOT a conspiracy!!

Clarken 7 Apr 9
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Good data offered by the speaker.


Yes something is a foot! All we can do is pray all turns out but not foolish enough to understand things are going to get harder!

Header Level 8 Apr 9, 2020

And don't live in fear like they want us to. Are we the "Land of the free and home of the brave" or not? Not looking like it lately with everyone cowering in their homes, hiding from each other because of Big Government edicts fearmongering over the unseen and unknown.


So, the presumption, then, is that the reports are being exaggerated on purpose to accomplish something. What? Fear and the giving up of freedoms? And more government control?

dmatic Level 8 Apr 9, 2020

Yes and $$$$$ - $50B is currently on the table, up for grabs where it is "most needed". Then there's also the old "let no crisis go to waste" political purpose - use it to destroy Trump by destroying our economy, thereby showing that we must put Democrats back in charge (executive & legislative branches) because they are supposedly better at caring for the American people. Obviously, socialism is the more compassionate system of government, right?!

@Clarken I think it is obviously bigger than just what is going on in the US! It appears this is a global move by some big players to get the whole world on board with their agenda to get a one world government. But, thankfully, God has different plans.


That too. Socialism, globalism. The people aren't smart enough or capable of providing for the own safety and security and must have the all-compassionate, all-wise Big Brother step in and take control. The bigger the better, right?

Trump and others are ready to pull out of the WHO since it has shown itself completely inept. That's a good sign.

@Clarken Indeed! There are very many good signs. It appears that the "Deep State", or Elite, or Illuminati, or Globalists, whatever you want to cal them, is in all out panic and desperation to get their system in place, and soon! The plan appears to be to crash world-wide economies and replace the monetary system with the Global Currency Reset, which would lead to a cashless system of digital money or mark of the beast type system controlled by them, obviously. God, however, has different plans and is using them for their own destruction and has taken away their authority to rule and is giving it to His Saints, to usher in The Kingdom of God. Get ready!


I believe that the cause of death, in many instances, are misreported. There are Financial benefits for doing so.

Xtra Level 8 Apr 9, 2020
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