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Ugh. For the hype and anticipation, I get more trans language censorship.

No one has to respect anyone. If someone talks to another, literally policing is setting precedent that literal control over use of words is a landslide happening.

Now if I don’t agree with gender existing, you all are (hey/you) it’s nice we can discuss how there is a growing movement to hate monger on how expressions are used. Feminist society. Entitlement of cry about it gets the biggest support vs can you toughen up.

the message your creating for this coming generation to incorporate and we will experience their merging culture as they mature into their own.

Of course Jaclyn jumps at the chance to shout Christian. I’m honestly surprised at it took this long, as I thought their Halloween video was a spoof, not actually their ideas.

Why is the term transsexual been cancelled? What is transgender if gender is a modern construct of which to shame people for wrongly using.

Is your body equipped from birth to eventually give birth?
That sounds like a .

Whatever characteristics you IMAGINE a woman having is gender identity, a completely inflated topic which is overshadowing suppression of speech.

If someone is shoving their gender politics down my throat, literally, it’s only a precident and a means to police offensiveness, and if you want non offensive society, then create a popularity culture, where you are outcasted for offending the in crowd, unless you can become the popular crowd, and unless you have endless network of control/influence over the populise because of centuries of studying people because of a fascination of world domination globalist aspire to, (conspiracies are a daily reality. Et tu brute. Ring a bell. Or the Lincoln project. Or media governance.)

Apostle Paul, former slayer of Christians, argued that in Christ, there is equality because there is neither male nor female, Which is complicated by his defining roles of male and female in certain areas of life.

What really is disheartening is that you promote christophobia, and when there’s a chance of understanding the middle grounds, Frank continues their history of immature mocking. Like your platform is literally to condescended people, ironically shove your feelings down peoples gullet, while discrediting everything they are. From the ability to think, fit in, reasons to hold to their hopes and dreams because you think it’s unfair for Christians to not love homosexuality. Christians can hold out the hand of equality, but if they would just drop the idea of sin, their core to overcoming debauchery. Jaclyn may say they accept others, but is it only empathetic, a self guilt.

except the boogey man of Jesus and co. haunting them in public life, which so little attention is given to in their community of ghey, but if fear of God is nonessential/worthless, then so everything God stands for is optional/despicable. So why is the homosexual agenda to force Christians to adopt gay sex? Why can’t gay sex be denied for fear of God?

If you don’t Want Christianity, and the rest of the world wants it, why not let that develop? Because you feel awkward hearing it’s message... it saddens one to hear of threats of hell, even so rejection happens and so do incidental injuries. I get ads all the time I don’t feel less for not being a consumer of Coca Cola.

Even someone who lies reads from the Bible in belief that all liars are destined for spiritual hell, and will lie about the message of the gospel. To say that the testimony of Jesus might be skewed is as Paul said “some from envy and strife preach Christ... As long as Christ is preached”. One must come to terms with Jesus to understand the radical transformation humanity has to overcome, being unable to even know right from wrong naturally. That Jesus saves His people from their sin is the call of repenting to acknowledge ones own ability is completely blind.

Back on topic, why do the voice of gay men often transform because of their sexuality?

Do homosexuals have an abnormal hyper fixation with genitalia?

How is it sex occurs so freely in the community, where is courtship? Stereotypically potrayed as a check mark on the gaydar being the gatekeeper to sexuality. Even trans woman will accept sexual incounters quickly as compared to traditional females, and not just lack of birth control. Maybe a fundamental social values/awareness is a sign of gender?

So you rejected Christ because sexuality is a popular norm. How many ways can you paint christians as vile. Endless.

“They think they are so..”

Yes. People can think, and watch the roll out of the liberal hypocrite. Unable to questions their own understanding. Shoving their politics into your life. It’s just a continuation of finding perfect balance that people cannot find because the model is missing

But enjoy the support of who you support. All means lead to the one end. Everyone treats friends well, but how do you treat your enemy is only a shift in perspective, maybe one can be their own enemy.

Are agnostics leading us back to BC Rome?

Does the utopia they demand achievable without micromanaging via electronic mediation?

Edit: pronouns removed

Edit: so. Tired. Just done. No more Commenting. Time of talk is done. We’ll see how it ends.

MisterEdmonds 6 Feb 25
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I see what you're talking about, and I can see the problem that it's also causing in the world. I think we could agree that all of this negativity is a really bad thing, but hey you know what also, it takes away from the worth of those actually doing something about it and it keeps others from really doing what is right and that's to just be able to talk about things that should matter. That's why I'm not even going over there right now on the political side of this site, because, it's all of that all of those people are so concerned with what others think and thinking they are just right but also the issue is also going on a whim just disregarding anything that contradicts with themselves, no one is even capable of actually truly listening to anyone not even just to be able to say that they can even hear someone talking. They're all wrong, there's no wrapping your mind around it at this point, people are just wrong and they don't even know it. I won't even take the time to listen to people like that, I mean and I'm the Devil who's hell bent on destroying all what they believe to be right too, like really just how right could a person even be who doesn't even want to listen to what others have to say anyway? I'm going to give it a little more time, and then I'm going to go over there and then I'll be the one giving those people a little piece of my mind.

@JaclynGlenn too, I can understand a reasonable reason to be thinking that you're right in this age, but I don't care, if people want to know what it looks like to see a person that really believes they are right not just thinking it, then that's what I'll be showing them. Why don't you stop, stop just stop making faith believers into the bad guys saying all that is you can even say is but no one really knows, yeah, and especially not you Jaclyn Glenn. I love you, you fucked up bitch!

I have to agree with the devil here. Humanity are so far from right we can’t even. If we get something right, it’s nearly incidentally

What say you on “getting right” Casey

@MisterEdmonds I would think that I believe something like different than what people that would have to assume. I've studied debate and logic for a long time, and it turns out that, actually, being right or wrong just isn't even what is important in the end, it's just that can you provide a certain assertion, because while it's easy to assume and be wrong even when you're outright lying, it's even more difficult to just simply be providing that just if you were to be. I hear what a lot of people have to say about things, the funny thing is as it turns out I didn't learn about this from just anyone that ever did just think they were ever right, it was actually usually just the ones that as it turned out just had someone telling me that they were ever wrong that just happened to be right even without really trying to ever be, so, as I am a person that was sent here for a real purpose beyond what the reason ever was, I just would think as it happens that in fact to me it actually seems almost so to speak more trouble than what it's worth to not have any assertion and be lying about something as well too at the same time, but that's just my opinion about that thought I guess.

I just can practically hear it, every single time that I hear someone ever say something to me. I can just tell if you're right or if you're ever lying to me because I would be one that would be is really actually able to tell that or not, even before I finish even hearing the person out even. If you just tell me something that you are thinking right now about, I could either tell you though if it's ever right or not or if you're just lying to me too. At first, I just thought it was just a coincidence that I just happened to disagree with people and keep thinking that I was just right most of the time, and then I finally figured out that it wasn't the case at all, a person who was lying, they wouldn't have even thought it was just a coincidence if they did that because of course then they would know if just even did try lying, I then remembered oh that's right I would be a person that if I ever had thought I was right I would say so even if I was wrong or lying because then I would still be then, I naturally have an assertive nature, very assertive, you know, so guess what I guess, if I just had to say so to tell you what about this right now about this, then I assume I would just have to imagine, that if it was anyone else who wasn't me and they were either wrong or lying then no they just wouldn't have that now would they. Isn't that, very particularly, you know, funny as hell how that must work? I know, I thought so too. When I talk to people, I feel like they're still down there like they just look up at me and I'm standing on a completely different plane just coincidentally above them, but really in my mind, like really, I'm like standing over a bottomless pit looking down at nothing but the fog while I stare down an endless abyss standing on the edge of a cliff, it's like I was so focused on what emptiness in front of me that I just never even thought about turning looking behind me until now, and now it's like so now I'm just wondering, why was I just looking down again? I don't know, all that I know now is all that, that for one thing, I'm not looking down just some rabbit hole again now. I tried to figure it out, but by that I mean I just can't, I just can't, I know now but, man I really wish I just hadn't tried now. How? How do humans do this, this was my job man, that's not fair, I can't argue with a crazy person, that's not fair to me, or him? How do people not see this right now? I try but they just never even see it in the first place, I just can't help but to assume anymore it's just true what they say you only believe what you see. I guess it's pointless for me to try figuring this out now. Yeah, pretty much, and that's no assertion, I knew it.

@MisterEdmonds the thing I think about humans, I just have to say this, there's two things, one, most people are stupid and they don't even have the capacity to even know when they're being wrong, and two, I guess it's not really they're fault I mean of course my job is destroying what they hold to be right but still you know what, you know, that's just another thing that God just happened to overlook maybe or something like that, it's not really humans fault for that, but that I've only known a real handful of people that were really otherwise like that without even trying, my family because like seriously it's not either like they're stupid or just don't know these are the only single humans that I even know that be so right and yet still just that wrong at the same time too without even caring to even know it, it ran me into circles so many times and I kept coming to exact same conclusion, that's what I simply call pointless, they sound sort of right when they're talking but they just don't have like any point, like what is the point of trying to even be right you know if just, you have no point, you know.

Like, you know, Jaclyn Glenn, yeah like her. It's not even like she's just not trying to be right at all, she just hasn't any point at all, I guess that's how that works I suppose, when you're that wrong and don't know it. Hahahaaahahahahaahhahahaha.

I have a real unfair advantage though, I think it's because I never tried to be right before. It takes a very light touch to be.

@MisterEdmonds people don't know about this. But remember when I said that before about something I call the Definitive Line? You can even tell just by simply looking at this thing too. That's how I know. I don't just think about opening my mouth and then just think hoping to just be right then, like most people do, I just assume beforehand that I will be right able to be before speaking and then it just happens it works like that. If you can't look at that and know just by looking after, then just don't even try assuming just to argue and that you are able could even be right then. Because, if you do, and I happen to see it, then I'll know for sure. I'm like time. Number one rule, of father time's training, father time is no man's fool! I learn all kinds of things just by looking at this thing. Like for instance right now, I can tell for if someone is trying to tell something that everyone believes that people should say in a certain situation or not, it takes the debate of argument absolutely out of the equation and it's just purely knowing then, or not. People usually try saying something like that if they are trying to deceive people, you'll know if they are if they do. But what is in the line can't be known just by seeing it though when it's right in front of you. Everything exists within it though not just what is seen, so, if you take a look around and you still don't see it, then you'll know, because you can't know the Definitive Line by looking at it, you'll only know what is just by looking at it. So yeah.

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