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I feel like we are living in a dystopian novel.

ramzpaul 8 June 16
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I do too Ramsy. Kinda like the purge


We are only halfway through the year. I wonder if aliens will land in the last half. Things keep getting crazier. I heard that Fauci was saying we might have to close everything down again for a 2nd Covid wave. Summer has already been canceled. Next it will be Christmas.

I see that coming too. My church won't close though


Modern thinkers “...revived the sense of the collective power of human communities. Man, formerly too humble, begins to think of himself as almost a God. In all this I feel a grave danger, the danger of what might be called cosmic impiety. The concept of "truth" as something dependent of facts largely outside human control has been one of the ways in which philosophy hitherto has inculcated the necessary element of humility. When this check upon pride is removed, a further step is taken on the road toward a certain kind of madness - the intoxication of power which invaded philosophy with Fichte, and to which modern men, whether philosophers or not, are prone. I am persuaded that this intoxication is the greatest danger of our time, and that any philosophy which, however unintentionally, contributes to it is increasing the danger of vast social disorder.” - Bertrand Russell.


I second that

Tarpon Level 7 June 16, 2020

This cannot continue for very much longer. Cancel culture will be cancelled out by themselves soon enough. They’re eating each other alive, while the center left to conservatives all watch in dismay.


It’s overwhelming. I’m becoming a little depressed.


This is Jewtopia, Paul. This is the world that Judaism called the Jews to crate. Enjoying it?

Anyone dumb enough to condemn entire groups is dumb enough to follow someone like Hitler.

@TimTuolomne Not that I fully support his style of gov't but Hitler was right about Jews.

@HatedDixieFan. No he wasn't. Neither is Gates, who is also a fan of eugenics. Or Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, whose eugenics ideas were used by Hitler to kill 6 million people. Considering any of that just or rational, is immoral and anti-Constitutional. I invite anyone who does not support the Constitution to go somewhere there isn't one, and leave us alone.

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