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I wonder if anything will exist from Atlanta after the cops all walk out tonight? I can't blame the cops. What they did to that cop was horrible. Some people want the death penalty for him. All he did was defend himself.

Sacha799 7 June 17
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How widespread is the walkout? I'm seeing conflicting reports.

Kit8 Level 1 June 18, 2020

I wouldn't blame them if they all resigned. I know they threw that cop under the bus to avoid violence, but it was still wrong. Just as I can't watch the Floyd video without feeling outrage toward the cop, I can't watch the other without thinking that cop was just trying to protect himself.


Maybe we need more walk-outs and strikes. Maybe that's the best way for reasonable Americans to respond to all this madness. As much as some of us may want to pick up a gun and attack those attacking our country down to it's very foundations, maybe the whole working class should pull an "Atlas Shrugged."

Can you imagine how they'd shriek, whine, and ultimately beg when there's no water, no electricity, no garbage collection, and nothing works? So far they've lived in a world with few consequences. They can be as crazy as they want, but everything keeps working. What if we "stop the motor of the world?"

Tycho Level 7 June 17, 2020

Feel sick to to stomach. Rayshard was in prison for child abuse and he was released early due to COVID-19. He has been arrested over 100 times! He was drunk in a car at Wendy's, resisted arrest (he punched a police office in the head), and he took a tazer from the police office and fired it at him. THe cop should have been awarded a medal.

ramzpaul Level 8 June 17, 2020

@Ramzpaul Is this our dystopia future Paul??

@Robert100 It's our dystopian present ... which makes me fear for the future.

@ramzpaul I had no idea about the child abuse. Or the early release. Or his over one hundred arrests. Your short reply is more informative than a long MSM article.

@Robert100 Nothing future about our present dystopian world.

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