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"White Privilege" is the new mantra of the left, taught in all public schools, supported by all Democrats, and relentlessly pushed by most media and social networks.

But what is the actual Truth about Privilege in society today.

Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you never had a job.
Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance.
Privilege is having a Smart phone with a Data plan which you receive no bill for.
Privilege is living in public subsidized housing where you do not have a utility bill and where rising property taxes and rents and energy costs have absolutely no effect on the amount of food you can put on your table.
Privilege is having free health insurance for you and your family that's paid for by working people who can't afford health insurance for their families.

Privilege is having multiple national organizations promoting and protecting your race that's subsidized by federal tax dollars.

Privilege is having access to a national college fund that supports only your race.
Privilege is having a television network that supports only your race.
Privilege is the ability to protest against anything that triggers you, without worrying about calling out off work and the consequences that accompany such.

The list goes on but I will stop here.

The Truth becomes obvious and quite upsetting.

TheTruthmonger 2 June 18
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It drives me crazy. Most of my life I have worked two jobs to just try to get ahead and then I'm told I have privilege.


I could use some white privilege. I've been hand to mouth for most of my life, and trying not to be tired. It definitely bugs me that I don't qualify for assistance when illegals seem to, and there are generations of institutional welfare families among the socially disadvantaged, who will never climb out of it because they no longer culturally know how, and have effectively become wards of the State. And my taxes - which I can barely afford to pay, are funding them all.


"White privilege" is an anti-white slur that places Jewish nepotism and subversion on the necks of the white man.

You are part of the problem dude by naming a GROUP as responsible, the same way anti-white slurs happen.

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