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When a nation is defeated, it pays tribute. America has been defeated. Looters pillaged Apple stores all over the country. Apple’s reaction? It promised $100 million for black causes. Here are blacks looting ritzy stores in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. I’m sure that like virtually every major corporation in America they have also promised to pay tribute. Do you think that after the race riots of the 1960s or even the LA riots of 1992, businesses rewarded the people who sacked their stores. No. This is a new era.


VDARE 7 June 24
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Empires tend to last approximately 250 years. America will be 244 years in a couple of weeks.

I think we need to let go of the America that we knew and love. It is not coming back. Instead we need to focus on a birth of a new home. We mourn that dead and we celebrate the new babies. That is the cycle of life and civilizations.

I'm nit holding onto a 244 year old nation but I'll be damned if I will bend the knee to these violent idiots. I'll fight to give people a chance to start again once this mob and their leaders are subdued.

It lost its soul 107 years ago. We're just seeing the body fester.

The question is whether we can survive a war against the entire industrialized world if we attempt to secure our own destiny.


I disagree that this is a black/white issue at all. Race has always been America’s Achilles Heel, and its always exploited by progressives as a way to stir up trouble. In Canada, it’s issues with indigenous people. In Britain, it’s colonialism. The left swoops in to seize on an issue, like the George Floyd killing, and all the players line up to play their roles. We need to stop concentrating on black vs white and start calling out the woke agitators.

GeeMac Level 8 June 24, 2020



Time to find small communities and be ready to defend them.


I would agree that the old nation, America, is defeated. The new nation is in embryonic form.

The short answer to why it was defeated? A false belief that if we treat others as equals, they will be our equals.

In other words the golden rule is false, an eye for an eye is better.

Embryonic like a Pheonix. A new creation, but an old concept.

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