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This is so the state of California can legally discriminate against Whites.

ramzpaul 8 June 25
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The problem we have is we are still the majority as a race in this country, but half of our people support this nonsense. That's means we are already a minority and many on our side are aging and dying off.

RamzFan Level 6 June 26, 2020

The People's Republic of California, should apply to North Korea for asylum from persecution by the US, because I will lobby that they shall not be able to immigrate into the US and wreck the remainder of our nation.

I vote we cut the cord and let them prove their belief in socialism. They can join Venezuela as the latest casualty.


What’s the stated rationale?


Wow - like this can’t be turned against anyone! What if Richard Spencer becomes CA Governor?


The mask of 'equality' is off now.

I'm amazed ten voted no. There are still a few sane people left in California, though not enough to matter. A 3 : 1 ratio is still better than I'm used to in Hawaii.

I was even more amazed that among the ten are names like Borgeas (a white Hispanic - figures), Chang, and Melendez (either a white Hispanic or white married to a Hispanic).

Any white who voted for this thinks they'll never be discriminated against. They have the LastWhite mentality: "Nothing bad ever happens to me!

" 'Cause I'm special! I'm good! I heart the dark! All other whites will fall, but I'll always float in the clouds. In my very own NanoSweden (whiter than real Sweden)."

We are ruled by LastWhites who project their supremacism on us.

AMRX Level 5 June 25, 2020

I’m amazed at how the lunatic left can vote in unison, maybe all that’s missing from right wingers is a drop of madness. I’m gonna run down to New Tijuana and get a bottle.


Anyone still want to stay in this Union?

What are you going to replace it with?

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