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A technical proposal to beat the Left in social media.

Blasma - proposed social forum

fschmidt 6 June 28

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This might be a good place to start: []

What are your thoughts on these projects?


I like @fschmidt s proposal. In addition to his point that it would need to capture the individual’s preferences through modular configuration, I think there are some other behaviors needed to make the transition:

  1. Total abandonment of the left’s platforms. When we land on shore the ships are burned! Question: does burning the ship also include limiting the ability to cross promote via link to Twitter, FB, Reddit, YouTube)?
  2. Massive and swift move. Pick a single ‘moving’ or ‘liberation’ date. Something like July 4th.
  3. Major personalities (Trump, Rush, Jordan, Dobson, Tucker, Musk, Thiel...), organizations/institutions (Heritage, Federalist, Cato, Focus on the Family, Southern Baptist Convention, IDW, Hillsdale College, religious colleges...) , and companies (Fox News, Hobby Lobby, Ford, Chick-fil-A, Egard...) need to move
  4. Current ‘whitelisted’ fledgling platforms can transition easily such as,, etc.
  5. Needs investment $$$$. However, instead of the typical billionaire approach, fund it through a grassroots platform so the small investor can get in early.
  6. Governance. Limited but effective. I admit the ‘whitelist’ and preventing cross promotion to the Marxist sites is controversial. I’m only suggesting things that promote behavior #1. Bots used to troll are also issues with the current platforms.

Interestingly, as I was typing this out, Congressman Devin Nunes just promoted on Fox News’ Maria B Sunday Morning Futures

@fschmidt thx for the education...I have no IT skills. Like the disruptive idea!


Some good ideas!

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