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A technical proposal to beat the Left in social media.

Blasma - proposed social forum

fschmidt 6 June 28
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This might be a good place to start: []

What are your thoughts on these projects?

I looked briefly through these and I don't see anything like what I have in mind. To give you an example of my idea, if you are on some site/server and click on a user to that user's content, the server would send a request to other servers across the internet to get the user's content. This is a simple MapReduce. Most of the protocol would be based on MapReduce.

The only thing on the list that looks close is ActivityPub, but this looks like typical overcomplicated modern crap. Modern scum (members of depraved modern culture) can no longer design simple protocols like the earlier internet protocols were.


I like @fschmidt s proposal. In addition to his point that it would need to capture the individual’s preferences through modular configuration, I think there are some other behaviors needed to make the transition:

  1. Total abandonment of the left’s platforms. When we land on shore the ships are burned! Question: does burning the ship also include limiting the ability to cross promote via link to Twitter, FB, Reddit, YouTube)?
  2. Massive and swift move. Pick a single ‘moving’ or ‘liberation’ date. Something like July 4th.
  3. Major personalities (Trump, Rush, Jordan, Dobson, Tucker, Musk, Thiel...), organizations/institutions (Heritage, Federalist, Cato, Focus on the Family, Southern Baptist Convention, IDW, Hillsdale College, religious colleges...) , and companies (Fox News, Hobby Lobby, Ford, Chick-fil-A, Egard...) need to move
  4. Current ‘whitelisted’ fledgling platforms can transition easily such as,, etc.
  5. Needs investment $$$$. However, instead of the typical billionaire approach, fund it through a grassroots platform so the small investor can get in early.
  6. Governance. Limited but effective. I admit the ‘whitelist’ and preventing cross promotion to the Marxist sites is controversial. I’m only suggesting things that promote behavior #1. Bots used to troll are also issues with the current platforms.

Interestingly, as I was typing this out, Congressman Devin Nunes just promoted on Fox News’ Maria B Sunday Morning Futures

Thanks, I appreciate your support, but I have low expectations. I basically posted this because of Ezekial 3:16-21. In other words my obligation is just to let people know the right path. Then if they fail to take it, that isn't my problem. But if you can make something happen, that would be great. I will answer your points.

  1. I don't think this works. Even RamZPaul posts on YouTube and then links to that from this group. So I would suggest just being unrestricted.
  2. If this works, it would be viral growth which means starting slow and accelerating. And development would be continuous, adding features based on user needs. So I would suggest getting a very basic platform out fairly quickly as a beta and then letting a small user base drive what is developed.
  3. Good luck.
  4. The protocol should be simple and open, so actually anyone could join. I already have a basic protocal implemented that is based on JSON. Next I would add MapReduce. And then whatever specific social calls are needed.
  5. I have enough money to cover costs. But getting grassroots investors could help get commitment of support from other people. I haven't explained how this project could make money, but in fact it could make a lot of money if successful by creating a dominant ad service for the social network.
  6. Part of the idea is that this is fundamentally ungovernable, which is a good thing. Bots can be controlled technically like does with its system of levels.

@fschmidt thx for the education...I have no IT skills. Like the disruptive idea!

@danscott I have no people skills, so maybe we could complement each other. If you can think of any way of making this happen, let me know.


Some good ideas!