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Nazis now proudly support BLM!

ramzpaul 7 June 28
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BLM = brainless lunatic mutts. This financed psychotic mob was co-opted 3 maybe even 4 years ago by the neo-liberals, SJW activists, anarchists and globalists like that bastard Soros. Many Black leaders walked away because they felt that BLM had been invaded and subjugated by an alternate competing agenda and they were right. The death of Michael Brown sealed the deal and the old guard got on board or out.

They have employed the Edward D Longshank's strategy used when England was trying to subdue the Scots. By instituting 'prima nocta' ehich allowed English lords to have sexual relations with subordinate (Scots) women, in particular, on their wedding nights De Longshanks said, "If you cannot weed the enemy out, you breed the enemy out'.

For the last 5 decades our youth have suckled at the teats of neo-liberalism and marxism and voila here we are...chaos and violemt anarchy ala antifa nazis.

dd54 Level 7 June 29, 2020

One study showed that out of 356 cases of reported hate crimes only i in every 3 was real.

Historically I agree but since the FG 'false flag' Op they have made up for the other 2 out of the 3, no.


Around the late 90's, i read an article that actually gave evidence that there were serving "Black Nazi's" operating in Germany in WW2.
I think the article was in the Fortean Times magazine. I have tried to search for the link online, but i guess it must now be hidden deep into Google's wrong think material, ,as i have had no luck in tracing this particular article.


He looks sufficiently non-white to get a pass for this offense. Shame on Providence.

yadxov Level 3 June 28, 2020

Obviously a member of Hitler's Afrika Korps.🙂

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