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Cosmopolitan magazine covers in 2000 verses 2020.

ramzpaul 7 June 28
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I think these covers show the social shift we are seeing today. I bet the covers in 2020 sell more than the ones from 2000. Sex no longer sells, unless it's some scandal a politician is in. What sells now is embracing the differences in people and the outward display of supporting any differences. I believe we are in the middle of a shift that is more spiritual and accomodating.


Are those real?! Nah, gotta be fakes


There is no way these kinds of magazines (and media in general) are making a profit from sales. They must have financial backing from certain groups.

Reminds me of Citizen Kane
Yes we lost a million last year
We're gonna lose a million this year
We're gonna lose a million next year
At this rate we're gonna be broke in 60 years


It is sickening. I want to see something that is not going to make me throw up.


The fat acceptance thing is really irresponsible. We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic and they need to shame these people and their enablers like they did to smokers and big tobacco. I’m surprised the media pushes it as it is not really a racial issue.


I wonder if porn is next?

Admin Level 8 June 28, 2020

Top right is okay. She just needs to lose 20-50lbs.


HOLY-deranged, Batman! The evidence is in😮


I can't even read these kinda magazines anymore. i used to buy fashion magazines when I was younger. Now they are so political and most of the models are ugly. They ruined fashion the way they ruined movies and everything else.


Wow. Women sure have changed.

Even high-school girls don't turn heads. Only stomachs😟


Cosmo is a rag and always has been. I hope they hemorrhage money until it dies, hopefully within the next ten years.

mirro Level 4 June 28, 2020

Can you speed up that timeframe, please?

@coalburned I would. But sheep are their primary demographic and they eat up this woke stuff. GQ has gone the same way. Who knows how long they'll last?


Can't say I'm that surprised. I stopped buying those magazines so long ago.


I used to take a peek at my late wife's Cosmos (just checking the ads) but holy moly wtf?

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