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Get legal arms. Form local communities. The government will no longer protect us.

ramzpaul 7 June 28
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I respect what this couple did to defend themselves and their property but I HATE that they cucked for the press. They told reporters that they support BLM and the people terrorizing them were whites. BUT if you watch the video the protesters were white AND black.

YotterO Level 4 June 29, 2020

As other pictures have show, and other people have said, these two don't know how to handle weapons and are a danger to themselves. If you watch the video, you see how the man constantly points the barrel of his weapon at his wife. He is also holding it left-handed, where the ejection port seems to be on the right, so he'd have the bullet casings ejected onto his chest if he fired.


I heard that their mansion is a historical monument. Under Trump's new executive order, attacking it should be an instant 10 years jail!


Enter Karen and Boomer: []

I think they're Gen Xers...




The protesters were peacefully marching to the mayor's house to demand she resign (she had doxed some activists) when these two overreacted. They also don't know how to handle their weapons.

Video: []

They were trespassing into a private community. This is not a public area and there are signs and gates and such. The videos are cut to not show whmthey are in a gated community. The couple doesn't know how to use the guns they have, but don't pretend that these protestors are not trespassing and don't pretend these protestors haven't been destructive. Fuck the mayor too. Not for the doxing, but also cause they are allow this out of control shit that makes people need to defend themselves.

@Slugo It sounds like someone let them in. Anyway, it's in the middle of the city. The association was responsible for security--not them.

Definitely aren't used to handling weapons. It looks like she's pointing a carrot.
However, I wouldn't be waiting for the HOA or the police to provide protection. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

@WilyRickWiles no one let them in you can see them walking through a gate that says keep out here.

No one invited them and it's doesn't matter if the community was on the edge of town or the center of town. If you think it does you are trying to find any excuse that the protestors are in the right.

Yes the association should have protected them better, but once protestors that hav been lighting cars and buildings on fire and looting on the regular are outside your house and have already trespassed you need to have a gun out.

Like the lady who was outside her store begging for protestors not to loot and break it to bits. The cops should have protected her. They didn't and she got smashed with a 2x4 for begging for mercy form these people.

She should have been protected by the cops, but the cops and the city don't care. This guy and his wife didn't end up with broken property or broken bones and that's why these protestors are angry about it.

@Slugo Yeah that's not what this protest was up to.

@WilyRickWiles so people that are already trespassing into a gated community and onto your own property from groups that have already been violent. You wait till after they have burned your shit or hurt you before pointing a gun at them? Yeah fuck that man. These folks have shown they don't care about the safety of anyone else time and time and you don't hav keto wait till you are on the ground or they are running off with your things. They amhave already committed a crime so I'd be standing in my yard with a gun too.

@Slugo Not from groups that have already been violent.

@Slugo And if you must conflate random looters with specific peaceful protest groups: 1. There has not been much looting since a few days about a month ago, and 2. There was no looting of which I'm aware that targeted residences.

@WilyRickWiles Looting and violence happened in dozens of majors cities and secearl with several hospitalized. Just a few days ago a pissed off leftist opened fire into a group of protestors that pissed him off and they fired back. Protestors have been burning shit and ripping down shit and no it didn't stop a month ago. Just cause the media turned back to Corona dosen't mean this stuff stopped. I can show you a Juneteenth celebration in ATL in honor of the guy that was shot there that ended in burned buildings and random shootings on a livestream. I can show 5 CHAZ shooting from last night. So no this shit didn't end a months ago. The protests are going on and the violence and destruction are going on.

As for these guys they already trespassed and broke the law. Once you do that you can't say they aren't like other numerous and ongoing protestors that have been all over fucking shit up. They are there to break laws and ruin shit as they have done all over town.

@Slugo Protesting, some confrontations with rioting cops, some occupations of public spaces, and some monuments toppled, yes, but not looting. ATL perhaps is an exception because there was a new police murder that happened there.

There is a difference between the type of violence you describe and civil disobedience.

@WilyRickWiles shit has been broke and robbed and burned all over and there was no reason to think these folks were gonna be kind and respectful civil disobedient guys when almost none of these people have been in major cities and they are already trespassing and the gate was later seen broken. Assuming they were gonna not break or burn shit or hurt someone with how has been going on so far all over is an assumption of a stupid person. Your best choice of action if you see these folks in your area is to sit on your porch with a gun and tell them to keep moving.

@Slugo Being in the middle of a major city, I can say that there is more order to it than you think.

@Slugo And the homeowners did have other options. []

@WilyRickWiles I'm in a major city too. I was order to be home after 7pm or be arrested for 9 days. None of the guys beating random people on the street or breaking into businesses that week were arrested though.

@WilyRickWiles so hide in your armour till the mob passes and hope they won't do anything to your home? Is that seriously the suggestion here?

@WilyRickWiles oh the guy posting this is also posting the address to help folks find them. I'm sure he's only going to encourage peaceful protests in a place that isn't trespassing though. Yeah nothing to worry about from these guys.

@Slugo They are public figures.

@Slugo Here's when they arrived.

@Slugo Turns out he knew about the march ahead of time.

@WilyRickWiles Seems perfectly fine to me. Trespassing mob walked right into a restricted area and the guy on the pouch with a gun said they should leave. Plus most of these guy have hurt people and property. So what the fucking deal? He was right all along and these mobs should be put in place by the authorities.

@Slugo Punish them!

@WilyRickWiles I kinda assumed he did know they were coming. He got a gun and sat on his pouch cause he wanted to be sure they didn't come on his property and hurt him or damage his stuff. They trespassed in and broke the law and he told them to go. I'd have done the same. I wouldn't have brandished at them like he did, but you can assume they are going to break shit and hurt folks as has been done all over. So seems fine to me.

@WilyRickWiles yes punish them. Tell these protestors they can't come into a gated community. Is that not what the law was supposed to do.

@Slugo The law wasn't designed to completely shelter the rich from society, even if it seems that way sometimes.

@WilyRickWiles So ban private property and gated communities and blah blah blah hippy shit... No one can ruin your property if you can't own property. Is this what you are getting at now?


When I went to the sporting goods store they were again out of the ammunition I was looking for. The place was busier than I had ever seen, and there were a ton of black people in addition to record breaking amounts of people in general.

I've noticed the increase in black folks too. Saw a funny incident where a young black women rang up a box of .38-55 Winchester for her snub-nosed revolver....


How much of the military you think has been compromised? I remember Obama purged a bunch of patriotic generals. Would Trump have any backing if shit goes down?



Probably shouldn't wait too long, The arms and ammo manufacturers are having a hard time meeting demand already.

Triumph Level 5 June 29, 2020

Make friends with disgruntled cops, too!


Here is the response from to these guys. He locked his account when folks looked over it.

Slugo Level 6 June 28, 2020

is this real?

@M1959 yep. He wanted these people targeted for defending themselves and he forgot to delete his own stuff first. The guy has locked his account now.

that is sick shit

@M1959 it really is. Additionally you have people says these were peaceful protesters walking down the street to the mayor's house. They don't tell you this was a private street in a gated community and they had been threatening folks. CNN and CBS have already reported this lie.

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