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They want you, and your family, dead. This is not hyperbole.

ramzpaul 7 June 29
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Handsome woman...

Jernst Level 5 July 1, 2020

To make matters worse, she was rewarded for her hate speech against whites. Two days after she posted "White Lives Don't Matter," Twitter forced her to remove the tweet but Cambridge University (where she works) promoted her!

More information from the DailyMail []

YotterO Level 4 June 29, 2020

Yep, the Twitter post of one person completely represents the position of everyone with a left-leaning ideology.

I guess these Twitter posts from Liberty Hangout completely represent the position of everyone with a right-leaning ideology, hmm?


What about Blueness? Vishnu is Blue....Do Blue Lives Matter? What about people with several arms or a head of an elephant. Do those matter? Clueless female.


Why is that thing allowed to even live in the United Kingdom?


Her face matches her statements

YZF2000 Level 4 June 29, 2020

What was that quote by Jefferson about the Tree of Liberty?

RamzFan Level 4 June 29, 2020

Would you believe it if I told you they already promoted her?

gadsden Level 4 June 29, 2020

And Cambridge University STILL refuses to sack her.
In fact they have defended her and given her their full support!

They not only defended her, they gave her a promotion!


Thus the need to separate, and do it quickly.


I wonder how her dad feels about this?

Slugo Level 6 June 29, 2020

We could have a Drive-In on that five head

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