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I fuggin love these people, quite aware there will be a shitstorm but much respect

MikeHunt 5 June 29
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The white man just went from half asleep to half awake.


This couple are personal injury lawyers who as soon as this went viral put out a BLM PR letter. They fear for not just their careers, but the local St. Louis prosecutor is looking into if “they broke any laws”. Just today on my FB feed, an old friend of mine posted their picture and said in effect, ‘look at these fools who are pointing guns at peaceful protestors’. If anyone here has seen the long video, these were definitely not peaceful protestors. Ppl are scared. Scared for their lives, but also scared of being filmed after being provoked and losing their careers and facing criminal charges.


The not so silent majority. This is good, let the mob show its true colors and let’s go to the polls in Nov! 💪

MerCi Level 4 June 29, 2020


pnw1234 Level 5 June 29, 2020

That was quick


I just realized this is a story, in which "Ken and Karen" are said to be "heavily armed" with an "arsenal?"

govols Level 7 June 29, 2020

Pardon me but that;s GI Joe and Barbie


That's such a great photo, apart for her poor arm posture.


A: Leave St. Louis.

B: Never show your hand until it's necessary.

Triumph Level 5 June 29, 2020

C: smartypants over here, I agree, lots to be said for surprise


Peak America

gadsden Level 4 June 29, 2020

Is that a PPK?

govols Level 7 June 29, 2020

Sadly, you have no chance of reclaiming it

@MikeHunt you beat me to the edit....


Whilw she's probably not going to hit anything she points at, people will stop and duck as she fires while her husband takes care of them...


A+ for balls.
F for utter lack of familiarity with their weapons and safe handling thereof.

You are correct, Sir

you yanks.. Seriously. You all walk around bragging about your constitution and how you have the right to bear arms....and when someone does it after violent people break into their yard and threaten degrade them by not holding the weapons correctly and not looking cool enough. wow. MERICA!

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