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Reddit official okays racial hate against Whites.

ramzpaul 7 June 29
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Hey Ramz, I seem to remember a semi-recent video of yours talking about the revolution in Czechoslovakia, and how we should be encouraged by what happened there (you had been reading some particular books on the subject, if I recall)

What I'm wondering about now is, how did they communicate with each other without being detected and censored and stamped out? We seem to be having a pretty hard time with that, even with all this technology. Each day (especially today) it seems like the proverbial noose is tightening. I know that was a much smaller country than we've got here, but how do you see people communicating/organizing if/when the internet is no longer viable? Or, do you think there will always be viable corners of the internet?? Snail mail???


Globally, people of European descent are a tiny minority. Does not Reddit and the rest of Big Tech claim to be global orginations first?


I know about civil rights because I was there but people died gir those rights. More importantly the Constitution is not just a document Americans get to rest their laurels on and wave about cryibg they're free. Tge liberty and rights we have enjoyed were the direct result of people literally laying down their lives so we could live free. The caveat as Ben Feanklin so wisely said, "The Republic is yours IF YOU CAN KEEP IT."*

My question to you, to all of you is do you think we'll keep our liberty by talk alone or will it require a far greater sacrifice from us for the generations that

dd54 Level 7 June 29, 2020

I guess that means they'll be discriminating against Latinos in Los Angeles, who are the majority there.

Its a shame when someone in authority presents as a moron. The Constitution guarantees freedom for all. That means no one is special. This moron thinks everyone in the minority is special, as if that is justice. It is tyrannical injustice typical of the Hitlers of history.


Is it okay if I say I hate people who identify as victims?

So you hate rape victims? What about children who have been sexually abused by a pedophiles or their families? You hate them too? What about kidnap survivors who are held for years suffering sexual, emotional and mental abuse by their captors? You hate those people too?

I recommend reasserting your HATE. Hating people who are just trying to recover seems awfully cruel.


I assume this will be rewritten once whitey is no longer ‘the majority’? Whatever that means...


Remember when conservatives were warning about the slippery slope and the left kept calling them conspiracy theorists? Well now...


Spencer, Duke, Taylor, and Molyneux all got banned today. This is fucked up.

Slugo Level 6 June 29, 2020

Boy oh boy, the tech companies don't even feel the need to hide the fact that they want white people made into second class citizens.

Co-founder of Twitch joins board of Reddit this month. Reddit gets rid of DJT subreddit and Twitch suspends Trump campaign. Twitter starts removing tweets from the president. Youtube purges. All around the same time.

Things are revving up. The message from these tech companies, from corporate America, from Hollywood, from the universities is the same: no dissenting opinions will be allowed. No dissenting opinions will be tolerated.

And what is dissent? Not wanting whites to become an oppressed people.

Choppy Level 5 June 29, 2020

Become? We already are oppressed second class citizens, and it's growing worse by the day.


All you need is a bunch of trolls to go absolutely nuts and subvert the rule.


/r/The_Donald banned today.

I don't blame Reddit. There is open warfare between the Left and the Right. Reddit fights for the Left. The Right complains and refuses to fight back.


Are the Soviet Gulags coming?? @Ramzpaul??


Majorities aren't protected? Finally, the day has come that I can use my N-word pass!

gadsden Level 4 June 29, 2020

Women are in the majority.

Choppy Level 5 June 29, 2020

Since I'm a super minority advocate, they wouldn't be able to shut me down?


So the Boers can finally have their own subreddit? Neat!

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