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The Right deserves to lose to the Left because it is doing everything wrong.

Stop complaining about the Leftist technology companies. If you don't like them, develop alternatives. At least is one alternative even if it is poorly designed. I offered a proposal to beat the Left which was ignored as I expected. Fine, but then you have no right to complain. The Left is writing the code, so they deserve to dominate the internet.

Stop voting for political traitors like Trump. These people only hurt the Right. The Left doesn't vote for traitors to their cause, so they dominate, and that is fair. Only vote for people who truly support the Right. If no such people are running, then just stay home.

The churches of the Left are called "universities". The Left has a religion (secular satanism) and has uncompromising religious institutions (universities) to support them. The Right has nothing comparable. Until the Right understands the importance of religious institutions, it will only decline. Also, these organizations are the foundation of communities. RamZPaul said Form local communities. But that can't happen without religious institutions to organize them. Most Leftist groups are organized through universities.

fschmidt 5 June 29
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This is pretty good, but the thing about Leftists not voting for traitors to their cause is less explained by the implicit cohesion or lack of cognitive dissonance(whichever you were assuming) and more because Leftism is intrinsically without logic- as in both alogical as well as illogical...A great number of unenlightened dregs will always vote Left because its easy to understand- handouts & ethical codes not practiced by those preaching them whereas conservatism requires either brains, business ownership or a grasp on the categorical imperative.
Techno-Kikes(what you call the Left) might have superior tech, but if anyone alive (whether the Azerbijans, The Vilcabambas or the Tibetans were able to extract 10.5 MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY from the American public, I think theyd be able to mount an effective technological infrastructure as well...its just non-psychopathic peoples don't usually take from the hand that feeds them in order to create a weapon to destroy that same hand thats feeding them)

There was a time, long ago, when the Right dominated and the Left were the underdogs. The Left fought and won. In theory, the Right could do the same now.

As a programmer, I am well aware of the weaknesses of Leftist technology. It is overcomplicated unreliable poorly designed crap. I sincerely believe that a small team of good open-source programmers on the Right could beat them. The obstacle is mainly a lack of will.


"The problem facing the Right is that the Left controls all major social media which they use to destroy free speech."

That is roughly half true, so it is half not true, or half false, depending upon how someone may decide, on their own authority, to put meaning into those words.

The "left" (criminals) have been brainwashing people (indoctrinating) for centuries, perhaps as long as people have existed anywhere.

"The Problem" is not one, but many. Many solutions are removed from current discussion. Discussion is removed from human activity.

Proof is provided right here, right now.


Criminals do whatever they want whenever they want to whoever they want and no single individual, and no group of individuals bound together for mutual defense (voluntarily), will stop them so long as they counterfeit government.