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Tucker Carlson video with Indiana GOP Senator Mke Braun. I believe this is the one Ramz mentioned on his Patreon channel and was amazed how inept this Braun guy sounded.

Robert100 6 June 30
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The GOP summed up in a 9 minute segment. As Bon Qui Qui famously said, "Gots to go! Gots to go! SOCORRIDEE!"


I miss the days when liberal A holes would come on Tucker's show only to be taken apart piece by piece, not just Liberals mind you I thing Ms. Graham appeared there once


He sounds like a pandering phony. I wish, at least, that I sensed his motivations were pure, but it just seems like this is just political football, and he's calculating the reaction of the members of his district. Also he's trolling for national recognition, which he clearly has gotten by doing this.