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LINK Homeowner Forced To Grab AR-15 To Defend Property Is Lawyer Who Represented VICTIM OF POLICE BRUTALITY

The gentleman who defended his property with an AR type rifle, Mark T. McCloskey, is an attorney in St Louis. Msdnc will have you believe that he’s a special forces trained Trump supporter who’s sidewalk is public property...

It’s ironic however, he represented an African-American man Isaiah Forman, who was kicked and struck by St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officer David Maas in April 2019 as shown in a dashcam footage.

Everything good in this world is collapsing before our eyes it seems...

Les_Izmoor 5 June 30
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Bravo yer bon mot nametag Les_Izmoor. More or less anyway ... 😉 J/k well done bud.

JATW Level 5 June 30, 2020