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The Right considers most Muslims to be moronic scum. Muslims consider most on the Right to be moronic scum. Both are correct. The modern world is a scummy idiocracy where most people in every group are moronic scum.

Intelligence is dropping because modern culture is dysgenic, and because education is declining in quality. So most people have become morons. Morons hate free speech because they cannot defend themselves by argument, so free speech threatens them. This is true for morons in all groups. All Right subreddits and all Muslim subreddits banned me because Reddit is overwhelmingly populated by morons. This in spite of the fact that I generally support both the Right and Islam.

Thankfully there are exceptions. I consider this Slug group to be an exception. RamZPaul is one of the only people making videos today who isn't a moron, so this probably explains this group. All online Muslims appear to be moronic scum, but one can find good Muslims in mosques. And conservative Mennonite churches generally have good people (who don't go online). I think one should focus on the exceptions where people aren't moronic scum, and just avoid everything else.

fschmidt 6 July 2

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