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Should we uphold equality of the law? Or should we support BLM’s Marxist concept of “social justice?

ramzpaul 8 July 2
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Justice is not part of the equation..........If it was, the Democrat Party would have been disbanded decades ago for being the ones that held the slaves, created the KKK and fought to keep their slaves..........but,

Zbacku Level 4 July 3, 2020

RamZ, they actually don't want justice based on race, they want it based on who has , and it happens that whitie has the . This is the same al sharpton shit that's been going on since 1980. The difference is there are more stupid latte drinking liberal whites around now. And of course the other races that have are either protected, or are too few to go after even if they have individually. Oh, and power, they want power.

YZF2000 Level 4 July 2, 2020

Great video as always. I agree philosophically with the notion of individuality. But we've seen the communist and black tribal identities subjugate people that value individualism. For example, we don't judge Mexicans based on their group so we let them in the country without any restriction. Mexicans vote for communism 3 to 1 ergo the country become soon communist. My point is that some groups seem incapable of valuing individualism and are quickly outnumbering those who do. It might be time for whites to embrace their identity and act in their group self interest.


Adding "social" to justice makes it better somehow. Like adding "democratic" to socialism, or "progressive" to Democrat improves it somehow. It reality it gives it the opposite meaning.

Tycho Level 7 July 2, 2020

The word "social justice" does not mean equal fair justice.


Excellent description of the nature of evil.

I'm all for equality of justice. I wholely embrace the principle that black lives matter. I wholely reject the tenets of BLM, one the most divisive, poisonous organizations in existence today.


As someone who has recently been the victim of a "social justice" attack, I can tell you that they're consumed with hate and evil.

Evil on a Biblical scale.

There is no justice involved with their activities. They want control and they want their detractors dead.

Triumph Level 6 July 2, 2020
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