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This is not your Dad’s Bolshevik revolution

Tucker Carlson had a guest the other night that compared the current riots to the riots and civil unrest of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The guest wrote a book that discussed the “Hard hat Riot” of 1970,

The Hard Hard Riot consisted of a bunch of union construction workers who attacked a group of hippies who were protesting the Vietnam War. The blue collar workers targeted any man who had long hair (only hippie men wore long hair back then) and whacked them with their construction hats and steel toed boots. Even though the hippie protesters were in the majority, the rough and tough blue collar workers kicked their ass.

This was seen as a reactionary backlash against the Left. The author claimed that this was the beginning of the end of the hippie riots of the 1960s/1970s and we can expect a similar thing today.

This theory is wrong on so many levels, it is hard to know where to start. But below are a couple of reasons why what happened in the early 1970s has little resemblance to what is happening today.

The civil unrest of the last 1960s was driven by the Draft and the Vietnam War.

When Nixon implemented the policy of “Vietnamization” (withdrawing troops from Vietnam), the protest movement collapsed. While the radical Leftists of the time attempted to pile other baggage on the protest movement (Marxism, Racism, Feminism, etc.), the primary motivation for millions of young people to protest was wanting to avoid being drafted and dying in a South Vietnamese jungle.

By 1972, it was clear the Vietnam War was winding down. As such, the protest movement collapsed in the mainstream. Yes, a few radical Marxists and hippies attempted to continue the momentum. But the movement was exhausted. The Hippie movement was dying, and the new decade of making money and snorting cocaine while disco dancing at Studio 54 was born. Almost overnight, the hippies suddenly seemed dated and old.

However, the current unrest of today is not based on just one issue that can easily be solved. The current BLM agenda is to eliminate ‘whiteness’ which, in practice, means genociding the White race in America. There is not one simple policy (such as ending a foreign war) that can exhaust the movement.

America was a 90% White, English speaking, Christian country

The construction workers who beat up the hippies in 1970 were White men who were Democrats. The establishment supported these men. As such, these men did not face lengthy prison sentences. On the contrary, mainstream America and most of the institutions supported attacking these hippies. Nixon was able to tap into this feeling with his “Law and Order” message.

Modern America is currently fractured. Just last week it was announced that the majority of young people are no longer White. Spanish is becoming the de facto language in large swaths of America. And the current establishment leaders are Jewish, not Christian. As such, this so-called ‘revolution’ is actively supported by the media, Hollywood and all major corporations. In 1970, no corporation would think of sending money to the Weather Underground. Yet, BLM (a domestic terror group) has probably received over a billion dollars from major corporations.

This is not a revolution, but a purge

In a typical revolution, the masses of people attempt to overthrow the establishment. Examples include the French Revolution and the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. In these cases the establishment opposed the revolution.

However, in our current situation, the establishment supports and funds the revolution. Burn down an Apple store? Apple will praise your actions and send you money. Take over part of a city? The mayor and governor will cheer you on! This would be equivalent to the Czar sending money and arms to the Bohlseviks.

What we are seeing is that the Left has already captured all the institutions. This has happened over decades with Cultural Marxism. They started with the universities in the 1950s and then they infiltrated Hollywood and the media. At first their propaganda was subtle, but now it is obvious and in your face. They hate you and want you dead.

These riots are simply purging any reactionary elements with violence. BLM and ANtifa are NOT opposed to the establishment. They are the armed terror wing of the establishment.

I get that we want to compare the current situation with the 1960s and 1970s. Because that revolutionary movement burned out and we saw Ronald Reagan elected, we hope that a similar thing will happen now. It won’t. We are on our own.

ramzpaul 8 July 3
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Excellent analysis. You hit the nail on the head.

YotterO Level 4 July 4, 2020

It’s argued that there is only one institution remaining that the marxists do not control, local police forces.

They have sunk their claws into everything else. Perhaps you will soon understand why Trump hasn’t ‘done anything’ as you’ve stated so much lately. The marxists ARE NOT the majority here. And we have have good people in this country who are following the message the marxists send out, because it sounds good. A recent video of yours hit on this. People want to do the right thing.

So Trumps lack of any type of response is perfect. Let those people who want to do the right thing see that these groups they appeal to, are nothing but good for our country. The riots aren’t even broadcast on msm anymore, but yet they are still going on everywhere. Media silence. Their plan has backfired. They thought Trump was so brash that he would move in with troops and the msm would get their story from that outcome. ‘Peaceful protestors bashed in the head by evil US warlord’

I have multiple friends of the left persuasion who are asking WTF right now. They are starting to see what’s going on.


I don't think it's a question of different or not- it's that this is a continuation of what happened in the 60s. Just because "it wound down" doesn't mean the ideas or the people who believe them went away. That said, the main thesis, of your post, that this is worse than the 60's seems true.

YZF2000 Level 4 July 3, 2020

Zman with another great blog today linked at the bottom here and with a key piece of it in here.

"There is another part to the Marxist definition of ideology. Once one accepts that beliefs are shaped by conditions, you no longer have to think too much about the truth content of political beliefs. Your opponents are simply the victims of false consciousness, while your ideas reflect the interests of your side. This inevitably leads to both close-mindedness and fanatical zeal. Any questioning of your side is heresy, while the other side’s arguments are assumed to be without merit.

This is where conservatives find themselves today. They are confined to a moral ghetto created for them by the Left. On the one hand, any new ideas, especially those from the Right, are rejected out of hand. On the other hand, they are completely defined by their opposition to whatever the Left is doing at the moment, but snugly within the confines of the moral orthodoxy. Conservatism has been completely stripped of the ability to question and debate political reality.

This is also why conservatism has turned into a racket. The people inside this maze of right-wing institutions have been imprinted by ideology. They can only see the world in terms of partisanship, a term coined by Lenin, by the way. Of course, the same is true of left-wing institutions. They treat their enemy as an indefatigable foe that is always right there ready to pounce. In reality, both Left and Right are exhausted ideologies and exist like two drunks leaning on one another for support."

" On the other hand, they are completely defined by their opposition to whatever the Left is doing at the moment,"

This reminds me of the term always on the defensive. @Ramzpaul once said its like the Left defines the terms and the Right has to play defense on it for a few years and then give in, adopt the position and then a little later we see them say all along it was their idea. Gay Marriage 2004 Bush runs on opposition to it. 2008 Mccain says he favors civil unions but not gay marriage. 2016 and beyond most conservatives say gay marriage is a right wing principle. The sports analogy was a Boxing Match Between Mike Tyson and Trevor Berbick when Tyson won his first title. I remember the announcer saying all the offense is by Mike Tyson and Trevor Berbick is just reacting to what is thrown at him, but Berbick never initiates any offense of his own. Tyson is like the Modern Left and Berbick is the modern Right or GOP. 8 minutes 24 seconds announcer mentions.


I watched that guy and kept screaming about demographics at my TV


"We are on our own." Jeez, do you have to end on such a pessimistic note? But I've been feeling pretty pessimistic these days too... It seems we just keep losing ground, inch by inch the Leftist loonies keep driving us back. Can we ever regain what we've lost since the 60's?

The Left is always playing the long game. Ordinary Americans are too easily placated by small and often unimportant victories along the way. "Whew, we won that one. I guess I can just drop my guard, sit back and relax now." Then the Left attacks from five other directions.

Tycho Level 7 July 3, 2020

It's important to see that "we" are on our on, so that we can band together. We need to assert our message, not play be their rules, and most of all stop being scared.

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