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How best to organize? Copy the most successful group at organizing. And that is Jews. Can anyone deny this? Does any other group exert more influence in politics and economics? If not, why not copy what works?

The source of Jewish success is Judaism. I know something about this because I attended orthodox synagogue. I would have been much more successful in my life if I had stuck with Judaism. The reason that I rejected Judaism is because I consider its role in the destruction of western culture to be an unforgivable sin. I would like nothing more than to see another group organized with the advantages of Judaism but without its sins.

Religion is the core source of strength for any culture. Without religion, a community will weaken and die. History shows this. The Right doesn't seem to understand this, so I will explain the advantages of religion.

I will start with this question about forming local social networks. Judaism excels at this. This happens in synagogues where there is plenty of time for socializing. Jews meet weekly at synagogue and use of this to make connections for business and politics. Consider the alternative for the Right. One cannot safely do political organizing online. And just using one's existing local connections isn't good enough. But imagine if there was some church that members of the Right attended. This could safely be promoted online and this would enable local organizing because people would meet locally in a safe environment. So this would provide the missing step between online discussion and local community organizing.

Another advantage of religion is its permanence. Political movements are transient by nature. And this means that if they lose a major battle, they generally lose the war. In contrast, religions are designed to survive setbacks. They do this by focusing on the internal group and by passing the religion across generations. A good religion focuses on raising its children in the religion, so the religion survives across generations. Political movements just don't do this, so they rarely last more than a generation.

Another point is that religion serves as the core guiding force of a culture. The values of a culture are preserved through its religion. Without religion, the values get lost. Political groups just try to promote whatever the values of the group are at the moment, but political groups have no way of actually preserving those values in the group. In Judaism the highest value is the success of Jews, and this value has been preserved through the religion for thousands of years. In contrast, the values of average Americans have varied all over the place over the last 250 years. This is because Christianity itself was unstable and now is mostly lost.

How does Judaism differ from other religions? First, it has a strong uncucked core in Orthodox Judaism. Christianity is mostly cucked and Islam doesn't really have a core because of its lack of organization. And related is that Judaism is organized as cooperating sects without a central authority. Each sect exerts strong control over its members. In contrast, Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity are too centralized and so open to corruption at the top. And Protestantism and Islam are too decentralized, so coherent groups don't exist and so the membership slips into degeneracy.

So now I will explain what I think the Right should do. The religion the Right should pick is Anabaptism. Independently, the Anabaptists have organized themselves in basically the same way that Judaism does. And so, unsurprisingly, they are the only group in western Christianity to have uncucked churches. The Anabaptists have their weaknesses. They are nonviolent and have a love everyone Kumbaya view of the world. But these flaws are not intrinsic to Anabaptism and in fact developed after Anabaptism was founded. The core idea of Anabaptism is to reject infant baptism because only an adult can choose to accept a religion. This makes perfect sense, and the Right should support this idea. If the Right embraced Anabaptism while rejecting nonviolence and globalist love, then I don't see why the Right couldn't become at least as successful as Judaism.

How to execute on this? The first step is to visit conservative Mennonite churches. The next step would be for people who live in the same area to visit the same Mennonite church and preferably to rideshare. This second step would be enough to enable local organizing as I described above. And this second step could safely be organized online. Eventually the Right could organize its own Anabaptist sect.

According to this poll the majority here do not attend religious service. And I can hardly blame you because modern Christianity is cucked, making the services unappealing. But conservative Mennonite services should be a pleasure to attend for anyone with traditional American values. These services are as close as you can get to having a time machine and going back 100 years. The service is uncucked traditional Christianity. For those who care about such things, the Mennonites are overwhelmingly white. And from my experience, the Mennonites are consistently decent people.

fschmidt 6 July 3

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Hello! You make some great points and I definitely see the logic. For some clarification, what do you mean by 'Christianity is cucked'?

Tati Level 6 July 13, 2020

Christianity has fractured into a million pieces and as far as all falling under a one size fits all compromise, no matter how family friendly or throw back, I don't see that happening. Humpty Dumpty is permanently damaged.

A loose political alliance of conservative branches of various faiths might be a possibility, not race based of course, though traditional Muslims are against association with Christians and conservative Christians generally demonize the average Muslim.

I am inclined to not attend any at this point.

emmdee2 Level 5 July 5, 2020

@fschmidt I have not seen that one but will try to get to it. Generally, I am against the hide in my 70's paneling basement or safe room attitude ramzpaul seems to advocate and I support get out and fight the good fight. I am white, and I am a nationalist, but I am neither a white nationalist nor a white separatist planning to hide away in basement until it all goes away when I believe most Americans still have some national pride and I expect a large backlash against the open communism by the left. I could be wrong. If Biden gets elected and the House and Senate fall, then I will be worried at that point. Either there is such rampant election fraud we can't stop them or the people are that far gone simpletons. Not long to find out. Regards.


“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.“
John 14:6


There is no group responsible for the sins of individual humans - whether or not they have governments or armies at their command. Our Constitution is based on the concept of individual justice, not condemnation by group. Condemnation by group is typical of NAZIs, socialists and communists, among other authoritarian regimes.

There is wisdom in many places, including many of the religious philosophies, which for the most part, instruct on altruistic behavior.

But all religions on Earth are human institutions, no different than any other human institution. And anyone bothering to study the subject carefully, will discover that there is only one relationship with God that transcends life on Earth. Many humans have religions that believe they will transcend life on Earth, but there is no actual way for that to happen.
Curious? I hope so, because anyone who believes they all have that potential are missing something.

So the relationship with God that each of us chooses willingly is what makes the difference, mostly in eternity, but also here on Earth. Inherited Jews have an advantage in eternal ascencion that no other individuals enjoy, and there is gratitude in most that is tangible who understand this. Those who have walked away will not. Nor, sadly, are many Christians aware of the difference between their relationship with God, and that in any other human religion. I fear for their eternal souls as much as I do for every other human being who believes their human religion is the answer.

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