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Propertarianism guys held their, Declaration of Reformation, rally Richmond VA this morning.

Speaker Curt Doolittle finished up his "capital steps" speech and then handed the mic to ... a. black. guy. wearing. a. BLM t-shirt. AYFKM.

Well ... so much for the Propertarian movement.
Hopeful not a fatal blunder (Bernie Sanders survived his own BLM on stage "moment" ) but to say it was "bad optics" would be an understatement - a figurative kneel if I ever saw one.

Can only imagine the BLM guys (looked like 2-3) STILL rolling on the ground laughing at hwitey letting them do that.

I was stunned by both the lack of security around Doolittle - the BLMers walked right up to him w/o anybody stopping them - and that the crowd was cheering what the BLMer said.
(Full disclosure, have to take the cheering part accurate as read in the post live stream comments, I muted the audio & then just switched off the feed alltogether - couldn't take the self induced humiliation.)

Trump tho stood in front of Mt Rushmore & talked tough so ... I'll keep trusting "the plan." Qtards to the parapets! We got this bro!

JATW 6 July 4
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It was very disappointing. Nevertheless November 4th is the day we should all be looking forward to; July 4th is backwards looking.


I thought the whole thing smelled rotten when I heard about it. A city that's predominantly black (Richmond VA) isn't a place for white, freedom minded people to congregate.

Triumph Level 6 July 4, 2020

Not quite sure I understood what was posted. Sounds like a BLM guy was holding a non-event.

When the consequences of destruction of the Constitution is fully evident, and these folks start running for their lives from the new authoritarian regime, and asking us who are no longer protected by the Constitution to save them, we will be powerless to do so.

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