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Well this might be the closest we get to a truce by some Leftists Noam Chomsky included to open debate and dialogue, and not fear, smears, emotions, and hysteria burn it all down crowd.


Robert100 7 July 7
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All these assholes still want our children to suffer. Everything they say is a lie. Everything they say is meant to shield themselves while striking at us.

They don't deserve consideration.


All this article is telling me is that there are some scared shitless leftists who want to make sure they also aren’t cancelled. It is inevitable once the commies takeover though. They have to purge anyone and everyone ‘intellectual’ as they can turn the tables on the new found power...


It is fairly obvious that after 50 years of left-wing policies that the portion of the experiment in "social justice" that relied on social engineering has been mostly a failure. You cannot create equality by government programs nor by enforcing conformity to the cult like dogma of the leftist academy.

The left is the ultimate manifestation of how refusal to accept reality has dire unintended consequences. We have a whole generation of intellectuals who never properly socialized. They are stuck in the adolescent state of rebellion against the reality that civilization requires a slow lifestyle. A slow lifestyle centered around forbearance and the setting aside of immediate gratification. Little wonder they are so addicted to the emotional gratification that comes with virtue signaling. That is all that letter really is a denial of responsibility and an opportunity to virtue signal.

The authors went out of their way to say they were more virtuous than Trump. The problem is that even if Trump is a racist, misogynist, crude buffon what does it matter? He has done more to uplift minorities and women than Saint Obama did. There is something fundamentally wrong with the belief that saying the cult like prayers of the left is transformative. You can chant equality until the end of time and it will have no more effect than a fundamentalist Christian praying for the return of their savor.

wolfhnd Level 8 July 7, 2020

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